See masters of Tai Chi demonstrate the power of this internal discipline with the play of "push hands."
Tai Chi Exercises for Health and Wellbeing
Tai Chi Exercises for Health and Wellbeing
Tai Chi Exercises for Health and Wellbeing
Jim Morningstar demonstrates a series of Taiji Warm up exercises, standing postures and song gongs (energy moving exercises) that he has learned as a student of this comprehensive form of Self care. These special exercises are taught through  by Sifu Adam Mizner. As a student of Tai Chi since the early 1970's, I have found the daily practice to be centering, strengthening and enlivening to my body, mind and spirit. It affords the opportunity to go as deep and as far in mastery as the student is willing to pursue. For Jim Morningstar's Worldwide Learning Community:  
I didn't change, I just woke up...
...suggests that the truth of my fulfillment is already within me. Yes, it still requires that I do the work of uncovering and owning the brilliance of my being. And that the journey of Self discovery may take me through the darkness and the light of all the world shows me every day. But I am not seeking a source outside of who I already am. This changes the nature of my journey - less seeking the answers and path of others and more Self affirmation and empowerment. jm
        Join our 2016 Worldwide Learning Community course of:                                                          ASCENSION
We will focus on ascending in body, emotions, mind and spirit personally, relationally and as a planet over 9 months. Each member's growth will be supported by the practices taught and the group's interaction in and out of class. 
   Our work will culminate in a Personal Ascension Plan resulting from the exploration, experimentation and inspiration we share on this sacred journey. 

Participation can take place on site or through next day recorded class material and virtual interaction from anywhere in the world.

Join us in this evolutionary awakening
           facilitated by Jim Morningstar, PhD

Our first class will include physical ascension with principles and practices of Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Nei Gong. No prior experience is necessary - just a willingness to evolve.