Find the subconscious beliefs that hold you back - play the Analysis Game
Find the subconscious "shadow" beliefs that hold you back - play the Analysis Game:
PEP Class #2: The Analysis Game
PEP Class #2: The Analysis Game
1. a) State what you want, e.g., better job. 
b) Say what you have, e.g., poor paying job.
2. Imagine part of you wants 1.b), i.e., poor paying job.
3. Write three "shadow" benefits of 1.b), e.g.,- avoid unwanted responsibilities
- not have to lend money to others
- camaraderie of co-workers
4. Identify limiting beliefs for each, e.g. 
 - "I can't handle responsibility."
 - "Others will take advantage of me."
- "I'll lose friends if I make more money than them.
Challenge these "shadow" beliefs and adopt                                                       more effective beliefs for each of your limiting ones.
I choose to be unstoppable...

No one can control my beliefs unless I let them. It is wonderful to learn from others or even to occasionally ask for advice. But what I adopt as my personal belief system will influence how I see my world, what opportunities I draw to myself and how I interpret the results of my  actions.
The satisfaction from being one with the prime mover of my life is immeasurable and worlds apart from being the victim of circumstances I unconsciously accept. jm

Personal Effectiveness Principles
with Jim Morningstar, PhD
Jim Morningstar, PhD, introduces PEP
Jim Morningstar, PhD, introduces PEP
The Personal Effectiveness Principles is a series of eight two hour classes enabling participants to gain 
clarity about their ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle and success in utilizing the resources of their world
Class members learn and practice:
>principles for thinking clearly, acting passionately and responsibly and obtaining fulfilling results in their unique way,
>how to help create an environment that will sustain ongoing positive life changes for themselves and others.