Jim Morningstar, PhD, presents basic principles of how the mind works... 
Introduction to the Laws of the Mind
Intro to Laws of the Mind
Intro to Laws of the Mind
Jim Morningstar, PhD, presents basic principles of how the mind works as part of the  Personal Effectiveness Principles course in the School of Integrative Psychology. Mind mastery is essential to creating a life of joy and satisfaction, but few people have had any training in how to change old limiting thought patterns into a more effective life affirming outlook. This is a start.
Who Are You? Life is an ongoing discovery.
We are on a fantastic voyage of Self discovery. Each of us is a mirror for each other, showing us a wondrous facet of our multidimensional being. Give yourself the opportunity to to look beyond the surface...who knows what you might find when you kiss the frog? There are others with the courage to join with and support you on the trip. 
Give yourself the gift of transformative learning in the new year. Start today and proceed at your own pace...
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Jim Morningstar,PhD., Director