Holiday tips for self-acceptance and effective communication...
Restoring your peace in four minutes...
Self-Acceptance Meditation
Self-Acceptance Meditation
This 4 minute meditation will put you in touch with your inner smile and create the tone of self acceptance throughout your day. Jim Morningstar, PhD, shares a way to reset your attitude when you begin to feel out of sorts or are struggling to cope with the stress of work or dealing with relationships outside of work - a frequent challenge of holiday time when expectations are high. 
Sharing your love isn't always easy...
intimacy We all desire to share our love and often have the best of intentions of doing so. Past family and cultural programing can get in the way, however, especially with those closest to us. Yes, it takes conscious effort to reprogram our expectations of ourselves and others. The rewards are more than worth it to learn ways to identify and release our fears, open our hearts and co-create a world of mutuality and joy. We are here for no less.  jm
by Jim Morningstar, PhD
Intro to Emotions in Communications
Intro to Emotions in Communications
Some of the most clear and effective theories and practices are presented here:
Seminar 1: Goals/Personal Time Study
Seminar 2: Family Systems Study and Application
Seminar 3: Communication: Pitfalls and Clearing 
In Seminar #3 the student will learn: 
How to recognize "Risky Rascals," those commonly used messages that purport to help, but which enmesh communicators emotional systems. This is a is key to assisting self and others to increase clarity and effectiveness. Recognizing communication styles and redirecting ineffective styles is the second goal of this seminar. Course Objectives: 
*Identify solution messages, put downs and avoidances,
*Know four healthy communication options, 
*Give steps of open alternative to four ineffective communication styles. 
CE credits available: