Jim Morningstar, PhD, presents how to grow as an individual while retaining vital emotional connections in your family. 

How to have family be a model of healthy relationships..
Jim Morningstar, PhD, presents how to grow as an individual while retaining vital emotional connections in your family. Emotional enmeshment or separation are not your only two choices. Family relationships can become a model for strong successful relationships in your world.
Students will get a foundational understanding of the theory and practice of Family Systems Therapy. Concepts of individuation, triangling, family secrets, multigenerational projection process and others will be explored. Methods for examining students' personal patterns will be presented and their influence on their life and work will be demonstrated. This study is based upon the the research and practice of Murray Bowen, known as the grandfather of family systems theory and treatment. 
Course Objectives: 
*Be conversant with key family systems concepts, 
*Identify three dysfunctional family patterns, 
*Have awareness of effect of personal family roles and secrets, 
*Know basics of evaluating and treating a family system.

You were born to light up the world...
Sharing your light and your gifts is why you are here. Fear can prompt you to believe you don't have any or they are not as good as others'. This is a tragedy for the evolution of not only yourself, but also our world. Changing this script may be as simple as being kind to or smiling at the next person you meet. Letting your heart prompt your sharing changes the tragedy to a grand comedy in the play of fellow light beings. jm
Five Seminars on Core Life Integration by Jim Morningstar, PhD
Some of the most clear and effective theories and practices are presented here:
Seminar 1: Goals/Personal Time Study
Seminar 2: Family Systems Study and Application
Seminar 3: Communication: Pitfalls and Clearing 
In this course the student will learn: 
* To effectively use goal setting and scheduling as tools to self-knowledge and spiritual growth 
* To identify ineffective communication patterns in self and others and to remedy them 
* To understand and employ family systems theory 
* To use basic breathwork techniques 
* To be conversant with general systems theory and levels of consciousness applications 
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