Two types of breathing that can change your life...the first allows you to calm and nurture yourself throughout the day in dealing with the challenges of everyday existence.

Your Two Pillars of Wellness...
Intro to Life InWellness Series #1: Self Responsibility and Love
Intro to Life InWellness Series #1: 
 Self Responsibility and Love
Self-responsibility and love are primary expressions of life energy. Together, they form the supporting pillars of wellness, and encourage the free flow of all other types of energy.
Self-Responsibility means: taking active steps to knowing and getting what you want (yang or active principle of life).
Love means: accepting and caring for yourself as you are connected to all life (yin receptive principle of                                                             life).
With love and self-responsibility as the foundations of our being, living and wellness are synonymous. Each of us must find our optimal balance between taking charge/making changes and learning to adapt/go with the flow.
Investing in Your Self...
We are encouraged to invest in resources that will reportedly bring us happiness...  finances, health, possessions, entertainment, travel, etc. The only investment that has been tried and true for me has been in my Self. That is not the small "self" that believes it is independent from everything else. It is my larger "Self" that is inclusive of the wellbeing of all. The investments I have made in personal growth that expand my awareness and ability to serve in the highest have always returned fulfillment beyond measure. - Jim Morningstar
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