Do you know the difference between your thoughts 
and your feelings? 
Do you know the difference between your... 
Mastering Thoughts and Feelings
Mastering Thoughts and Feelings
thoughts and your feelings? Knowing the difference and being able to communicate them clearly can make a world of difference in both your effectiveness and happiness in life. Jim Morningstar, PhD, explains the critical differences that lead to so much misunderstanding and confusion. Learn to identify and harmonize your mental and emotional life.
Breathe Immersion at the Kripalu Center  
October 18-23: an historic gathering.

This unprecedented gathering of teachers, scientists, psychiatrists, and social activists offers scientific, philosophical, humanistic, and spiritual foundations for the benefits 
available from the entire spectrum of 
breath practices. Anyone is invited, from
curious beginners to health professionals
interested in incorporating breathwork into 
their practices.

Personal Effectiveness Principles
with Jim Morningstar, PhD
Jim Morningstar, PhD, introduces PEP
Jim Morningstar, PhD, introduces PEP
The Personal Effectiveness Principles is a series of eight two hour classes enabling participants to gain 
clarity about their ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle and success in utilizing the resources of their world
Class members learn and practice:
>principles for thinking clearly, acting passionately and responsibly and obtaining fulfilling results in their unique way,
>how to help create an environment that will sustain ongoing positive life changes for themselves and others.