The positive polarity of the Empathetic Nurturing life theme shows strengths and core qualities which include the ability to be empathetic, serene, and to love directly from the heart. 
The positive polarity of the Empathetic Nurturing life... 
The Empathetic Nurturing Theme
The Empathetic Nurturing Theme
theme shows strengths and core qualities which include the ability to be empathetic, serene, and to love directly from the heart. An individual with this theme can be a person of high intelligence and articulate with a sensitivity to injustice. They are light, approachable and warm with a yielding and receptive manner. Empathetic and compassionate with self and others, confident in their inner source, they have the ability to be happy and feel abundant with what they have. They are good in helping professions, do not over identifying with others and able to care for themselves. 
The negative polarity of this theme is most frequently associated with depression and a fear of abandonment and dependency. Inner rage over feeling abandoned is coupled with a denial of having any needs, therefore the individual responds as either overly self-reliant or excessively needy. Deep-seated feelings of loneliness, and the fear of being alone, are met with disappointment and helplessness. There is a tendency to feel misunderstood.  The lifelong strategy is a constant search for the place, person, event and situation, who or which, will meet their needs - reliving fears about inability to survive alone.   See video for positive resources.

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Breathwork and Body Theme Training - 90 min video
Release Techniques and Neuroscience Hypotheses for Six Major Breathing Patterns - video by Jim Morningstar, PhD This training video introduces practitioners to body theme identification and neurological, structural and behavioral correlates. It further demonstrates how specific release techniques can be used in therapeutic breathwork and other healing modalities most effectively with the body theme patterns.

Jim Morningstar
Jim Morningstar,PhD
"A pioneer in breathwork and energetics, Jim inspires the respect and admiration of practitioners in the field. His work with integrative techniques and his insights have encouraged my personal and professional growth. I was inspired by his exposition of body reading techniques in his training video, "Therapeutic Breathwork and Body Themes." He lucidly explains the classification of the six adaptive body themes and clearly illustrates the specific release techniques that a practitioner can utilize to help clients unlock their full potential." - Dr. Belisa Vranich  Clinical Psychologist, Author & Media Personality
" Jim Morningstar is a wise and visionary healer, who knows the ways of the body and the heart. His work opens from trauma to well being, from past to radiant present." 
- Jack Kornfield  Author, Buddhist Teacher