Balance your brain and body, bring yourself to a calm centered  state in less than three minutes with this simple breathing exercise...
Balance Your Brain and Your Body with this Simple...
SIP Family Systems - Alternate Nostril Breathing
SIP Family Systems 
Alternate Nostril Breathing
exercise that takes three minutes or less. It has been employed by yogis for thousands of years and is just as effective today. It's called Alternate Nostril Breathing. The accompanying recording by Jim Morningstar, PhD, gives exact instructions on how to harmonize both sides of your brain and bring you to a clam centered state. 
We are here to awaken from the illusion of separation.
Awaken to Connectedness
The effort that it takes to maintain the illusion of separation is exhausting and can lead to depression. Our family relationships have served as a template for most of our life connections and often transmit patterns from the family of humankind. Every time we heal old wounds of separation, we reconnect with our essential oneness with each other and help our world. 
Learn and apply family systems principles in your life.
Jim Morningstar, PhD, presents three seminars on mastering the principles of family systems theory and their application in your life. Identify dysfunctional patterns that run most peoples relationships. These classes can also be taken for Continuing Education or as part of the School of Integrative Psychology Core Integration Series.