Use the "Get off my back" exercise to energize and clear yourself when feeling weighed down by stresses in your life...
Use the "Get off my back" exercise to energize 
"Get off my back" exercise with Jim Morningstar
... and clear yourself when feeling  weighed down by stresses in your life.  Jim Morningstar demonstrates this simple  exercise that anyone can do (usually in  private or with a willing group). It is  important to be grounded, focused and  breathing fully as you do it. It does not  solve all your problems, but can help you  feel more resourceful in addressing them.
If an egg is broken by an outside force, life ends...
Inside Force
If broken by an inside force, life begins. Great things always begin from the inside. Take time each day to consult the Source within you and notice how your life force is supported in all you do. Every investment you make in your "inner work" pays off tenfold in your outer work. 
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Bioenergetic exercise
This is Jim Morningstar's signature course in the School of Integrative Psychology. 18 classes with audio and video recordings of life enhancing exercises.   You Will Learn:

*To identify body types and their profound influence on yourself and others

*To expand your range of expression and ability to respond to life in creative, integrated and resourceful ways 

*To identify breathing patterns in yourself and others and facilitate release of restrictions 

*To use your body as a vehicle for mental, emotional and spiritual awareness 

*To apply the skills of body energy reading and releasing to your life work