Learn how to increase your body energy flow in 6 minutes with this basic exercise that has been used with students and clients since..
Increasing Your Body Energy Flow in 6 minutes
Jim Morningstar, PhD shares a basic Bio-energetic exercise for increasing your body energy flow. Jim has taught and effectively used this exercise with students and clients since the 1970's. This is an exercise that you can do to help rebalance and ground yourself daily or whenever needed.
The Beauty You See in Me is a Reflection of the Beauty...
...in You. The Beauty in me and you.Rumi said this centuries ago and it is still true today.  We are mirrors for both the magnificence and the shadows of each other.
  Couples often start out attracted to the luminosity of their partner, but are very challenged when their darker elements emerge. Blessed are those who can not only accept all of the parts of others, but also own and grow from how they reflect their own diverse character. 
Free Creative Life Series Meditation and Introduction
CLS Introduction recording
Creative Life Series - 6 individual seminars 
by Jim Morningstar, Ph.D. 

This series of seminars lays the foundation for a holistic approach to life. Six major life areas are examined to infuse a greater sense of self-responsibility, creativity and thus balanced healthy approach to well being. 

Being unaware of the belief systems which shape one's reality often keeps one searching for knowledge in endless variations on outmoded themes. Having the tools to more objectively witness one's structure of thought, alter basic patterns and then analyze the results is a profound step in human development. This allows one more choice in infusing spiritual principles in place of unconscious patterning. These seminars take students step by step through this process in life areas which hold the most meaning and emotional charge. Thus it is more than a how-to manual, but teaches group and individual support techniques to make effective change. 

It is expected that students will be able to: 

a. Infuse creative thinking into major areas of life purpose through analysis, affirmation and effective goal setting, 

b. Understand and use the body as an energy conducting system, means of communication and product of one's thoughts, 

c. Work effectively with prosperity principles including earning, spending, saving and investing, 

d. Recognize major psychological and emotional patterns in relationships and apply creative thought principles to change, 

e. Explore realms of conscious awareness beyond consensus reality, 

f. Address psychological factors that undermine spiritual fulfillment including birth trauma, parental disapproval syndrome and the unconscious death urge. 

These seminars can also be taken for Continuing Education Credits.