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President's Report 


I want to thank all of you for the warm get well wishes and the cheerful bouquet of flowers following my recent surgery.  


Board members were reelected last month and Ed Robichaud and Gale Napoliello have left the Board as Fiscal Year 2014 ends. We will miss them and thank them for their service. We welcome Anne Strange and Tricia Taylor to our Board of Directors for the coming year (for more information see Board News). I want to thank everyone for their part in making FISH's 44th year all that it was.


At our June Board meeting we decided to use the term Neighbors in Need (NIN) to refer to those for whom we provide assistance rather than the word "client". When Herndon-Reston FISH, Inc. was founded in 1969, it was based on Neighbors helping Neighbors.


We held a Strategic Planning Session on Saturday, June 28th which was guided by Karen Cleveland. Through a hard day of work we reworded our Mission and Vision Statements and came up with a set of measurable goals for the coming few years. The Statements are as follows: 

Mission Statement

The Mission of Herndon-Reston FISH (Friendly Instant Sympathetic Help) is to engage our community to provide compassionate emergency assistance for our neighbors and build bridges to financial stability through partnerships.

Vision Statement

FISH (Friendly Instant Sympathetic Help) is a dynamic, non-profit organization established in 1969, providing essential safety net assistance services to our Neighbors in Need. We engage donors and volunteers in meaningful opportunities to make a difference in our community. 


Our Annual Meeting is scheduled for Monday, July 21, 2014.
For details see the FISH Annual Meeting column to the right.


I am looking forward to our next fiscal year with excitement. 


Janet Hyman  


Connections for Hope


FISH and Board members met at an open house to learn more about FISH as a member of Connections for Hope. Below is an interview with our Executive Director, Christine Poward.


We are now affiliated with Connections for Hope Partnership-what is Connections for Hope? Connections for Hope is a partnership working with other non-profits, that promotes good health, self-sufficiency and full participation in community life for low-income families and individuals in the Greater Herndon-Reston area.


What non-profits are in the Connections for Hope Partnership?  
The following groups are part of the partnership: Cornerstones (formerly known as Reston Interfaith) is the Managing Partner; Computer CORE; Empowered Women International; HealthWorks for Northern Virginia; Herndon-Reston FISH; Literacy Council of Northern Virginia; Just Neighbors; Vecinos Unidos; and various Fairfax County human services agencies.  


What led to this decision and how does this benefit those whom we help? Herndon-Reston FISH was offered the opportunity to join the partnership in late 2013. We decided this made sense since it allows us to provide our neighbors with more follow-up opportunities after we get them through an emergency situation. The partnership gives FISH new contacts to other community resources that can help individuals and families become more financially stable. 


Will this affect how we do business and who we help? The partnership serves the Herndon-Reston area and there is no change in the way that we do business. There is no combining-but rather working together. We are starting to refer people to the "navigators" who help families navigate the various partners and county agencies-getting them the services they need to move forward.  

FISH Fling 2014


In April FISH held another successful Fling Gala at the Crowne Plaza Dulles Airport Hotel in Herndon. Four individuals and one group were recognized as "Star FISH" and honored for their dedication and generosity to FISH. From the left, Myra Santoro has been a volunteer at FISH for 14 years and is volunteer extraordinaire at the Bargain Loft, where she is a pricer. Suzanne Rudiselle has been an Assistance Volunteer and has served on the Board for 9 years. During that time she has chaired several committees and has also served as Vice-President. She has recently moved to Ashburn, but will stay involved with FISH. JoAnn Bordeaux was a Family Assistance Volunteer for over 6 years and she currently serves on the Board and is a grant writer. Marcia Di Trapani served as President for five years and oversaw phenomenal growth of FISH. She continues to serve in many roles, including grant writing, Bargain Loft volunteer, and Fling Committee volunteer. A group award was presented to the United Christian Parish in Reston for their financial support and for use of their facilities for special programs such as assembling the holiday baskets. The award was received by Diane Hutchins and John Moore.  


Recognizing Our Volunteers




Bargain Loft volunteers (top picture) were honored at a brunch at the home of Mary Jo Baedecker in the Spring. Also present were the Loft managers April Elliott and Barbara Williams, FISH President Janet Hyman, and Executive Director Christine Poward.

A lunch for Family Assistance volunteers and Board members  was held at the home of Marcia Di Trapani. At the assistance lunch Anne Hochstrasser, Social Work Supervisor from Fairfax County's Coordinated Services Planning updated FISH volunteers on the County's role in working with non-profits to provide much needed assistance for our Neighbors in Need. The second speaker was Sarah Newman from Connections for Hope. She talked about the integration of services for people in need in the Reston-Herndon area. The food at both of these events was provided at no cost to FISH. Our many volunteers are essential to the operation of FISH and we greatly appreciate the many hours they donate to our successful programs. 


FISH is a member of the following campaigns: 


United Way Campaign No. 8359

UW Logo

Combined Federal Campaign No. 83534

 CFC Logo

Volunteer Spotlight



Meet Marjorie (Margie) and Malcolm (Mal) Stringer, who we recognize as outstanding volunteers for their combined 60 years of service to FISH! Margie started with FISH in 1983 and has held numerous positions at the Bargain Loft as well as Treasurer of FISH and Thanksgiving basket coordinator. Currently she is the jewelry pricer at the Bargain Loft. Mal started with FISH two years later and he has served on the Board of Directors, as Treasurer for FISH and assisted in many positions at the Bargain Loft. Currently he is Treasurer of the Loft. To quote Mal "it is personally gratifying to play some role, large or small, in this wonderful compassionate organization."


FISH Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting for Herndon-Reston FISH is set to take place on Monday, July 21 at 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM at the Dominion Virginia Corporate Conference Room. Address: 3072 Centreville Road, Herndon, VA, 20171. Socializing, snacks & beverages provided. The actual meeting will start at 5:00 PM and end at 6:30 PM. This is a great opportunity for donors, volunteers and members of our community to learn about the new and exciting things Herndon-Reston FISH, Inc. has planned to help serve our Neighbors in Need.


Thanks to Our Major  Supporters

Thanks to the following groups and individuals for recent contributions of $1,000 or more to Herndon-Reston FISH 


Americas Charities

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Colao

Anthony & Marcia Di Trapani

Dominion Electric Foundation

Exxon Mobil Foundation

Herndon Rotary Club

Knights of Columbus

Maximus Foundation

William & Lia McChesney

National Rural Telecommunications Corp.

Evea Newsom

Ken & Jane Plum

Lawrence & Suzanne Spector

St. John Neuman Church

United Christian Parish

United Way of National Capital Area

Larry VanLare

Volkswagen Group of America 



The People We Help


As shown in the examples below, many requests to FISH for assistance are caused by medical conditions that prevent individuals from working and being able to save money for emergencies.


A family faced intense difficulties when the wife's working hours were cut back. The family's sole income and the state benefit assistance for their autistic daughter became insufficient to support their needs. FISH's help in paying their prescription costs enabled them to get the medicines they needed.


A 61-year-old disabled woman who suffers severe respiratory problems that requires regular portable oxygen use was unable to pay her gas bill. She has a job. However, her medical expenses have increased recently. FISH helped her pay an entire gas bill and keep the heat on when it was cold.


A woman came to FISH for assistance to pay her utility bill. Her serious back injury required more than one surgery and she lost her job. FISH was able to help her pay the entire outstanding amount so she could sign up for the budget plan offered by the utility company.


Bargain Loft



The Bargain Loft had a sale in June in order to reduce our merchandise for our yearly inventory. Now that the inventory is complete, we would be glad to receive your donations. Most useable household items are sold at the Bargain Loft with some exceptions, including upholstered furniture, TVs, and exercise equipment. 

Board News

New Board Members

 Anne Strange has 35 years work experience in private industry and the Federal government in marketing, facility and property management. She retired from Vorando/Charles E Smith Commercial Real Estate as Director of Tenant Relations. She served 10 years on the Board for Cornerstones (formerly Reston Interfaith) and is a co-founder of Grateful Spaces to help support families moving from Fairfax County homeless shelters into transitional housing. With FISH, Anne started working with clients who attend our monthly finance workshops and want more help with their finances.


Tricia Taylor is a CPA and Director of Treasury with Simplexity, LLC in Reston. She has a degree in accounting and 17 years experience with four companies in the Washington area in positions of senior associate, auditor, and currently as a director. She has previously worked with Cornerstones and looks forward to involvement with FISH. 


The 10th FISH Fling 

The Tenth Anniversary Fling Gala will take place on Saturday, March 14, 2015. Please put that date on your calendar for this extra special event! 

Ways to Help FISH


Want to donate to FISH?  If you make a donation of $500 or more; that donation may then qualify for a Virginia income tax credit worth 65% of your donation. For more information, contact Christine Poward at Christine@herndonrestonfish.org


Have you joined Amazon Smile yet? Shop at the on-line retailer Amazon and help Herndon-Reston FISH at the same time! Go to smile.amazon.com to connect your personal Amazon.com account to Herndon-Reston FISH and feel good about all the shopping you're doing! FISH will receive 0.5% of your purchase.  

 Volunteers are needed to:


-work at the Bargain Loft as cashiers or merchandise sorters.


-help with Family Assistance to receive telephone calls and process the information.


-drive those in need  to medical appointments.


To volunteer call 703-391-0105 and leave your name and contact information.

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