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December 2, 2014
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If you are looking for updates and current information from the IRS or New York State, rather than send out many emails, this information has been posted on the NYSSEA BLOG.  

Recent posts include:

Scam Phone Calls Continue - IRS Unveils New Video to Warn Taxpayers

Email Alert - From Alfred? - SPAM

Family Tax Relief Credit Checks are in the mail

Enrolled Agents Excluded from the Definition of Tax Return Preparer for the Tax Preparer Registration Program

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NAEA Offering FREE CE Webinars on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) -
6 hours total
Check out this great new member benefit that starts December 10th! Three Webinar sessions on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that will earn you 2 CE hours each of IRS-Approved Federal Tax Update CE. 

Additionally, if you cannot make the live webinars on these 3 dates, they will be archived for On Demand viewing within 48 hours of the original webinar. NAEA has been approved IRS Self-Study CE for these archived sessions, as well.

What a wonderful benefit - timely too!  

ACA Webinar Series:

December 10:
What Have We Learned from the 2013 ACA Changes
2:00 pm EST (1:00 pm CST; 12:00 pm MST; 11:00 am PST)

December 16:
The Individual and Employer Mandates Under ACA
2:00 pm EST (1:00 pm CST; 12:00 pm MST; 11:00 am PST)

January 8:
What the 2014 ACA Forms Will Mean for Your Business
2:00 pm EST (1:00 pm CST; 12:00 pm MST; 11:00 am PST)

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NAEA Elections

By now you should have received an email on how to participate in the NAEA Elections.  

Click here for more details and to read bios of the candidates.

Please participate!  

Your voting 
opportunity ends December 15, 2014.

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NAEA Affiliate Presidents Exchange
As NYSSEA Executive Director, I had the opportunity to attend the recent NAEA-APEX Meetings in Orlando, FL - November 5-8, 2014.
Click here to read my summary of these meetings.

See many familiar NYSSEA Leaders who attended the NAEA/APEX Meetings in Orlando in this video slideshow:

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The 2014 tax-filing season is upon us!  It is not too late to order The TaxBook!

The TaxBook is now accepting orders from NYSSEA members at a discounted price. 


More on the ACA -
from the IRS

On January 15, 2015, the IRS will be hosting a FREE webinar  on the Affordable Care Act (ACA). You can attend from the convenience of your office or home. You will hear IRS presenters share information about ACA provisions that will be of great value to you and the small business community that you serve.  

Don't forget to register by Friday, January 9th.


Schuldiner-Smollan Leadership Academy - Orlando, FL

NAEA EVP, Mike Nelson and NAEA President-Elect,Terry Durkin, EA with SSLA Graduates and NYSSEA Officers Ann Kummer, EA, CPA and Ken Kohlhof, EA

Ann and Ken are the most recent graduates of the NAEA Schuldiner-Smollan Leadership Academy, held in November in Orlando, FL. Several leaders of NYSSEA have completed this prestigious program. The design of the program provides necessary organizational training to volunteers to assist their efforts at the chapter, affiliate, and national levels. 

For more information visit the NAEA site by clicking here.


As we approach the end of another year and the beginning of our next tax season, now is an ideal time to both reflect on last year and to look ahead into 2015.  This dual focus allows us to evaluate our progress and to plan for opportunities and pitfalls.


I spent most of 2014 learning more about the inner workings of NYSSEA to prepare for this position.  Don Rosenberg, EA involved me in his final term as President and I appreciate his guidance and inclusion throughout the year. 


NYSSEA furthered its current program of continuous improvement by adopting revised policies and procedures to assist us in organizational governance.  We will continue this process by reviewing and modifying several housekeeping items.


NYSSEA is looking forward to our second annual state legislative day in 2015 for the chance to discuss a brief but uniform agenda with our lawmakers, heightening awareness of our credential and fortifying our rights to practice within NYS.


NYSSEA conducted its 27th Annual Conference in October.  Brenda Quinn, EA's article details our very successful event and reveals next year's location.  At this year's banquet, we were fortunate to hear NYS Department of Taxation and Finance (DTF) Deputy Commissioner Richard Ernst's remarks regarding NYS oversight of tax preparers.  His presence signaled a deepening relationship with NYS DTF.


Our organization is not without its roadblocks.  However, roadblocks are rarely permanent.  We seek to remedy these impediments in the months ahead.  Several chapters are in need of reconstruction to become vital and productive once again and it is imperative we provide them with the resources needed to rebuild.  I am creating a Chapter Revitalization Task Force for this undertaking.


At our October 27th board meeting, I challenged each chapter to accomplish three specific tasks in the coming year.  First, I asked them to utilize one new speaker to avoid reliance on a static speaker roster.  Second, I requested they host a local legislative event, perhaps a friendly round-table discussion with a state senator.  Third, I asked them to sponsor a community service event, such as a shred-fest or tax help day, to amplify recognition of our license.  We need to not rely on CE as the sole focus of chapter meetings.  I encourage chapters to collaborate on events for maximum impact and efficiency of member efforts.


NYSSEA is expanding efforts on the implementation of NAEA's Educating America initiative, which aims to get SEE preparation courses into community colleges and then eventually, develop a full degree curriculum focused on the EA profession.  This needs to be a controlled endeavor so, if interested, please contact Task Force Chair, Vicki McGinn, EA CPA.


To achieve these goals, I urge more members to actively participate at either the chapter or state level.  Ask an individual at your chapter or on the state board how you can help, even if your availability is limited.  If you boost your involvement, I assure you that your NAEA/NYSSEA dues investment will yield impressive dividends.  Those of us currently contributing our time must welcome those now interested in giving theirs.  With greater participation, we can achieve greater results.


Some board members expressed feelings of confusion when they first joined the board, concerned that there wasn't enough guidance on their duties.  I made similar observations when previously reviewing financial records:  both board members and chapter boards lacked training.  We've made progress, enhancing the comprehensiveness of chapter reports and expense vouchers, but room for improvement remains.  To address this, we are planning a board orientation in January to educate board members and develop an effective governance unit.  I hope board members adapt the training to bolster chapter boards.


I'm honored to serve in this position.  Thank you for supporting NYSSEA and NAEA.  I am confident we will make NYSSEA stronger together.  I wish you a happy holiday season and a healthy, successful 2015.  May your busy season be effortless and profitable and your clients organized and honest. 


Ann Kummer, EA CPA





Call for Speakers 
for the 2015 NYSSEA Annual Conference

The 2015 NYSSEA Conference Education Committee has begun planning our next conference scheduled for October 24-October 26, 2015.  We are searching for knowledgeable, experienced and engaging speakers to present on a variety of topics involving tax preparation, tax representation, and ethics.  


If you are interested in speaking, please download, complete and submit our Call For Speakers application no later than 5 p.m. EST on December 15, 2014.  More information, including submission details, is on the application.  Click here to view/download the application.


If you presented at the NYSSEA conference in the past, including at the 2014 conference, and are interested in doing so again, please submit a completed application.  Let us know that you wish to be considered for this opportunity.  We welcome new speakers and previous speakers.  If you have any questions, please contact Henry Grabkowitz, EA at [email protected]
NYSSEA Annual Conference Recap
~ Brenda Quinn, EA, Conference Committee Chair

We had another well-received, well attended NYSSEA Conference October 24th thru October 27th at the Villa Roma Resort and Conference Center in Callicoon, NY.  We had 96 registrants with 27 new attendees.  

According to the survey responses, the education classes were excellent!  The Villa offered a place for colleagues, friends and family to spend time together when the classes were not in session.  

We held our very first NYSSEA NAEA PAC Appreciation Reception that brought over 35 Club Level NAEA PAC Contributors together for a successful social event.  Robert Kerr, NAEA Senior Director for Government Relations, was on hand to share our successes and give us an update on current DC happenings, especially in light of the recent elections. During the NYSSEA Conference, Bob was on hand to speak with members and was able to raise more than $ 4500.00 from NYSSEA members!  The NYSSEA NAEA PAC Reception will certainly become an annual conference event!

All CE credits earned at the NYSSEA Annual Conference have been reported to IRS/RPO.  Be sure to check your account to make sure your credits are recorded.  By now, you should have received an email from Judy Strauss, EA with your CE Certificate attached.  If you do not see the CE hours you earned at the NYSSEA Conference posted or you have not received your certificate, please contact Judy at

Visit the NYSSEA web site (under Newsroom/Photos and Videos) to view a 9-minute slideshow of photos taken on Sunday during the NYSSEA Annual Conference.  Or, just click on the image below.

Looking ahead...

The Conference and Education Committees are already preparing for the 28th Annual NYSSEA Conference which will be held at Honors Haven Resort and Spa (Ellenville, NY), October 24 - October 26, 2015.  As always, the Conference and Education Committees will make this a conference not to be missed.   Mark your calendars now!!
Honor's Haven Resort & Spa

Check the NYSSEA Calendar Page
after tax season for more details!
NYSSEA Award Winners 2014

One of the highlights of the NYSSEA Annual Conference is the presentation of the NYSSEA Awards.  This year was no different. This year's award winners included:

Founders AwardJudy M. Strauss, EA
Robert Nadel Above and Beyond AwardBrenda Quinn, EA
Excellence in Public Awareness AwardMichael E. Lawrence, EA
NYSSEA Scholarship(s)Wai Cheung, EA
James Racaniello, EA
Ann E. Kummer, EA CPA
President's AwardAnn E. Kummer, EA, CPA

2014 NYSSEA Founders Award winner Judy Strauss, EA and NYSSEA Awards & Scholarships Committee Member,
Phyllis Jo Kubey, EA, CFP
2014 NYSSEA Robert Nadel Above and Beyond Award winner, Brenda Quinn, EA with NYSSEA Executive Director, Jeff Gentner, EA and NYSSEA Awards & Scholarships Committee Chair,
Sharry Doyle, EA
2014 NYSSEA Excellence in Public Awareness Award winner,
Michael E. Lawrence, EA, and Awards & Scholarships Committee Member, Phyllis Jo Kubey, EA, CFP
2014 NYSSEA President's Award presented by Don Rosenberg, EA
 to Ann E. Kummer, EA, CPA

2014-2015 NYSSEA Board Installed

At the Sunday evening Banquet during the recent NYSSEA Annual Conference, the 2014-2015 NYSSEA Board of Directors was installed by current NAEA President Lonnie Gary, EA., USTCP  The new NYSSEA Board includes:

Ann Kummer, EA, CPA
First Vice President
Kenneth Kohlhof, EA
Second Vice President
Michael E. Lawrence, EA
Eve M. Lansing, EA
Vicki Hermann, EA
Gino Comparetto, EA
Handel Edwards, EA
James Racaniello, EA

Returning NYSSEA Directors include:  
Phyllis Jo Kubey, EA,  Koreen Jervis, EA
and Henry Grabkowitz, EA

Ann E. Kummer, EA, CPA being sworn in as President of NYSSEA by NAEA President Lonnie Gary, EA, USTCP

Have a Very Successful Tax Season...

Only 134 days 
until April 15, 2015!