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NY Contingent - 2012 NAEA Annual Conference
Identity Protection

The IRS is committed to working with taxpayers who are victims of Identity Theft.  A wide range of information is available by clicking on the web links below:


IRS Tax Forum in New York City August 28-30, 2012

 Click here for details

If you live in the NY City area and have some free hours, the VITA program needs you.  Click here for details and contact information.

PTIN Needed

When attending any CE class or event, be sure to have your PTIN handy.  For the CE Provider to report CE credits to the IRS,  your PTIN must be included.
Highlights from the June 2, 2012 
NYSSEA Board Meeting... and more!

In order to keep members aware of the actions of the NYSSEA Board, "highlights" from each meeting will be sent in this newsletter format. The NYSSEA Board feels that, in order for members to see the value of their membership, they must be kept informed on board decisions and discussions. Along with the Board highlights you will find other recent news that may be of interest.
The Seventh Chapter:                                  Brooklyn/Queens
In September 2008, Robert Nadel, EA proposed that NYSSEA investigate the formation of a Brooklyn/Queens group to see if it would be a viable addition to the existing chapters in the NY region. There was one meeting held in January 2009, then, sadly Bob Nadel passed and the group lapsed into dormancy. In the summer of 2011, a group of New York EAs attending the NAEA Annual Conference and NTPI spoke with Nassau/Suffolk President Vicki McGinn, EA about the possibility of re-convening the group.  Since that time, the group has held 5 meetings and attendance continues to grow. Brooklyn/Queens Group Leader, Handel Edwards, EA and Treasurer, Cecil Buxo, EA presented a comprehensive report on the activities of the group at the June 2, 2012 NYSSEA Board Meeting.  In conclusion, they asked that the Board recognize the Brooklyn/Queens Group as the 7th NYSSEA Chapter, stating that the group has taken the right steps, built its foundation, accepted its challenges, embraced its mission, acknowledged its goals and is ready to advance to the next level.  The Board voted that the Brooklyn/Queens Group  be recognized as a NYSSEA Chapter effective June 2, 2012.
Jeffrey R. Gentner, EA              NYSSEA Executive Director
Jeff Gentner, Executive Director
Effective July 1, 2012, Jeff Gentner, EA will become the first NYSSEA Executive Director. Jeff has served the society for over 30 years, was the Founding President of the Western Chapter, served as State President and has held many other positions and served on many committees for our society. The goal of the Executive Director position is to expand awareness of Enrolled Agents and to increase communication with the society's membership. Jeff will assume the day-to-day operations of the society and will provide support for the society's board and membership by maintaining communication through the society's web site and newsletters, handling board meeting logistics and coordination of society-related events nationally, statewide and locally.
Web Site Redesign                                                  nyssea.org
The NYSSEA Board approved a complete makeover of the nyssea.org web site. Using the services of a professional web designer, the new NYSSEA web site will be modeled after the recently redesigned NAEA web site. The new web site should be ready to be unveiled at the Annual NYSSEA Conference in October 2012. Jeff Gentner, EA, NYSSEA Webmaster, will work closely with the web designer over the next several months to help bring the NYSSEA web site into the 21st century and to ensure an intuitive and user-friendly experience for our members.
NYSSEA Annual Conference                  October 19-22, 2012
You recently received a "Save-the-Date" e-blast about the NYSSEA Annual Conference, to be held at the Desmond Hotel and Conference Center, October 19-22.  Again this year, there will be an opportunity to earn over 15 hours of CE on various topics chosen from member interest surveys.  The details for the Annual Conference will be on the NYSSEA web site in mid-July.
And the Winner is....                                     NYSSEA Awards
Everybody knows someone within their local chapter who goes "above and beyond" for the society.  This is the time to give that person some recognition. Nominate them for the Robert Nadel Above and Beyond Award.  Also, consider someone for the NYSSEA Founders Award given each year to a member who has helped NYSSEA become what it is today.  These prestigious awards will be presented at the NYSSEA Annual Conference. Nominations are due by September 15, 2012.  Click here for award and nomination details.
NYSSEA Membership Reaches 700 Plus
As of May 2012, the NYSSEA active membership has topped 700. President Judy Strauss, EA received an award at the May NAEA Meeting in Washington, DC for this extraordinary growth and participation. The NYSSEA Membership Committee continues to employ a variety of strategies to grow membership.  This includes gaining new members and retaining members nearing renewal.
New Executive Committee Monthly Meetings
The Executive Committee had their first monthly telephone conference call on June 15th. Going forward, the officers and executive director will talk on the third Wednesday of each month.           
Any concerns or accomplishments achieved should be passed on to an officer so they can be discussed. Although these calls are not open to the public, should any member have a topic they want to present to the officers, they should contact a member of the Executive Committee to get  the information needed to connect to the call. We are keeping notes that can be made available to any member who requests them. This is just another goal of open communication that is being completed. Bringing membership together was one of the goals President Judy Strauss, EA. verbalized back in 2010.