Winter 2013
Vol 5, Issue 1
ALY 13 Mission: VolunTEEN

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Left:  ALY '13 ready to kick off their project to increase youth volunteerism and reduce bullying - Mission: VolunTEEN
Two words: team project.  The ultimate learning lab for participants in our programs is applying their training to a high impact project that benefits Federal Way.  This year our youth are working to increase teen volunteerism and reduce bullying. Our adult class is addressing human trafficking - an international issue that is also affecting many right here in our city.

We also have wonderful stories of alumni who have continued forward as servant leaders, some even teaming up with alums from other classes.  This is what we're all about!

Thank you for your leadership and service,

Teri Hickel

Executive Director 
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ALY 13 Battles Bullying with Mission: VolunTEEN

ALY '13 helps students with volunteer info
ALY '13 help students get volunteer info.

How can youth address bullying?  That was the ALY class of 2013's big question when developing their team project.  They decided to partner with Franciscan Health System's Youth Violence Prevention Initiative and focus on using the influence they have as teenagers to be positive examples for their peers, as well as younger students.


After months of training, planning, research and grass roots organizing, the class held their big event, One Day Federal Way - Mission: VolunTEEN.


Over 200 high school students turned out on February 19th - a school holiday - to learn about the powerful impact of bullying and how they can take a stand.  Attendees were cheered into Federal Way High School and given goodie bags with info and munchies.  After watching a short video about bullying created by ALY '13, the huge group of teens participated in an activity that gave them a taste of feeling vulnerable, pushed around and left out in a big school.  After shows of support from Federal Way Mayor Skip Priest and St. Francis Hospital President Tony McLean, keynote speaker Erin Jones, Director of Equity and Achievement at Federal Way Public Schools, shared her personal experiences - as a child, young adult and parent - with bullying.


After taking in the information, the students were called to take action.  ALY 13 created a pledge for them to sign, then encouraged them to get involved in their community as volunteers.  Six organizations were ready at their booths with volunteer info - and every booth was quickly mobbed by enthusiastic youth.  Opportunities included tutoring other students with the Federal Way Libraries, serving families at the Multi-Service Center food and clothing banks, helping patients at St. Francis Hospital, leading summer camps for kids at the Federal Way Community Center, educating people about recycling at Recycle Federal Way and organizing student blood drives with Cascade Regional Blood Services.


Visit the ALY Current Class page on our site to take the pledge, link to video, pix & more.

AL Alum Enables Parents to Act

AL 04 Trise Moore
Trise Moore, AL '04


When Trise Moore, AL '04, came to a community meeting as a concerned parent in 2003, she had no idea she was beginning a personal and professional journey that would touch families across the country.


The meeting was held by Federal Way Public Schools to discuss parent involvement and its impact on student equity and achievement.  One meeting became a series, and the result was the creation of a new department with one paid employee.  Trise was hired to be the director of the district's Family & Community Partnership Office.


At the same time Trise began her new job at the school district, she was also accepted into AL '04.  The servant leadership model she practiced with her class, was well suited for her work with parents - especially "enabling others to act."


"My AL experience helped me personally realize the great value of supporting the leadership development of other parents, so that they could then model leadership as partners in the schools on behalf of their children."


By pulling in parents and supportive school staff from the beginning, Trise has run the department as a team effort.  The team developed their mantra for parents: "Be informed; be prepared; be involved."   This message is at the heart of all their outreach.  Although Trise is still the only paid district staff, she now has Americorps Vista Family Liaisons at six schools, as well as dozens of parent volunteers.


Trise and her team were recently awarded a $100,000 Gates Foundation Grant to expand on their work of helping parents become key partners in their children's success. A University of Washington research leadership team will assist in preparing data and research tools to help replicate student successes linked to family partnerships both locally and nationally. They will also create an online version of their Parent Institute, which will provide web access to parent workshops and support.  Find out more:
ALY Grads Build A Shared Vision at Highline Community College 
ALY HCC students
ALY grads Noory - '06, Nimo - '11, Alaina - '12

After graduating from ALY, students have 1-2 more years to get involved in leadership at their high schools.  Thanks to the Running Start program, there are also many ALY grads who take immediate advantage of leadership opportunities at community colleges.


Take a look at student leadership at Highline Community College.  This year, Nimo Azeez, ALY '11, is the Associated Students of HCC President.  Her duties include representing the student voice to Highline's administration and board of trustees, provide leadership opportunities for other students, and reporting legislative issues relevant to students. 


"I enjoy building relationships with other students and administration," Nimo explains.  "I learn so much from others, which helps me become a resource for other students."  This month, she went to Olympia for the Community and Technical College Student Legislative Rally, a new and enlightening experience for her.


Nimo works regularly with other student leaders, including Alaina Burke, ALY '12, a Highline Student Ambassador.  Alaina's job includes giving campus tours to prospective students, and visiting area high schools to give presentations on the opportunities available at HCC.


"I really love talking to people in this position," Alaina told us. "ALY really helped me get interested in working with and helping my local community... I have been able to become a better leader, and help other people realize that they are great leaders too."


Nimo also sees a clear connection between her ALY training and her effectiveness as ASHCC President. "ALY I learned a lot about working in teams to accomplish tasks, whether that is a large project or smaller day to day tasks. Also, in ALY I was exposed to the community in ways that I didn't know existed before, as well as local government, which helps when looking at legislative issues. The leadership foundation I gained through ALY has benefited me in building relationships because a lot of HCC is familiar with the program."


In fact, Nimo and Alaina's supervisor is very familiar with ALY - she's an alum as well. Leadership Advisor Noory Kim, ALY '06, has moved from student leader to HCC leadership staff, an exciting discovery for the younger alums.  As a long-time sponsor, Highline has also sent many employees through the AL adult program.


If you are in ALY and want information about leadership opportunities at Highline, Noory, Alaina and Nimo are happy to share the vision with you.

Applications Available for ALY Class of 2014

Do you know a high school freshman or sophomore in Federal Way who is ready to explore his or her leadership potential?  Advancing Leadership Youth applications are now available for the 2013-14 class.  Information sessions will be held at Decatur, Federal Way, Thomas Jefferson and Todd Beamer High schools over the next few weeks for interested students.
ALY is open to ANY high school freshman or sophomore living or attending school in Federal Way, including public, private and homeschooled students.  To view and download the application, visit the youth page on our website.
Interested in applying for AL '14, our adult program?  Links will be on our website in March!
He Modeled the Way: In Memory of Phil Smart
Servant leader and inspirational speaker Phil Smart passed away on Feb. 8th.  For the Advancing Leadership community, he is the man who encouraged our hearts with "The Third Eight", his simple but life-changing message about using the eight hours remaining after sleep and work to serve others and make the world a little better.

AL Executive Director Teri Hickel was introduced to Mr. Smart her first year on the job, and immediately included him as the keynote speaker for the AL '00 class during Servant Leadership day.  "He really had them on their toes - he was fascinating!"  

He was invited back every year until 2009, when he decided, at age 90, to scale back his speaking schedule. His stories about the children he got to know and love at Seattle Children's Hospital inspired more than 90,000 listeners over the years.  Elke Sanborn, AL '02, remembers Phil and his message fondly. "Phil Smart was a true example of servant leadership. He touched so many lives and inspired many. I am glad that I was one of them."
Phil's legacy continues to ripple out all over Washington and beyond.  Read about one example in Amanda's story below.

For more, read the Seattle Times tribute to Phil and watch Phil tell his story in 2011. You can send a message directly to Phil's family on Facebook: .
She was Inspired to Act: ALY Alum will "Take a Trip with Timmy"
Amanda Quach, ALY 06 in her video
Just days before Phil Smart's passing, Amanda Quach, ALY '06, found out she was one of two applicants selected to accompany a professional medical team to Central America as part of the Take a Trip with Timmy Global Health Contest.  The contest, open to college students interested in medical careers, is for the chance to spend 2-3 weeks on an all-expenses paid trip with a Timmy Global Health team working with impoverished communities in Equador, Guatemala and the Dominican Republic, along with an iPad and digital camera to document the experience.
Amanda's video entry were built around Phil Smart and his concept of "The Third Eight", which she learned about during ALY, when Phil spoke to her class in 2006.  Amanda is already doing amazing things with her "Third Eight", which you can read about in this previous Envision Enews article.  To see Amanda's winning video, click here.
What are you doing with YOUR "Third Eight"?

AL & ALY Alums in the News

Don't miss any of the latest updates on your fellow alums: join the AL/ALY Linkedin Group, an exclusive benefit for participants, alums, parents of ALY alums and current/former board members.

Kelly Maloney, AL '08, is our newest Federal Way City Council Member.  Kelly was selected from 20 applicants to fill one of two seats vacated mid-term.  She is also the first AL alum to serve on our city council.  Congratulations!

Caleb Dawson, ALY '12,  has been named a 2013 Act Six Scholar.  Caleb will receive a four- year full ride scholarship to Gonzaga University, along with leadership training prior to and throughout his college years.  He is the third ALY alum to earn this honor. Way to go, Caleb!
Rick LaBoyne, AL '02is the new Kent School District Director of Transportation. KSD is the 4th largest school district in WA and is considered the most diverse district in the state, with over 150 languages spoken by students. A great place to serve, Rick!
Rediet Mulugata, ALY '06with support from Krista Foundation, is volunteering with Mission Year, serving a low-income neighborhood in Houston, TX.  You can follow her blog at: 
Elke Sanborn, AL '02, has a new position at Amazon as Senior Manager, Subsidiary HR Integration and Global Expansion.  What an exciting opportunity to touch lives all over the world!
Kile Rury, AL '12, has started volunteering with the South Sound Dream Center, Adopt-a-Block program that delivers food to homeless & low income families.  There's plenty for other volunteers to do, so consider joining him!
Lydia Smith, ALY '06, is working on her Ph.D. in Biological and Biomedical Science at the University of North Carolina, where she was given a full ride scholarship.  It's great to see a leader like Lydia changing the world through biomedical research.
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