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Great Interview between Dee and Kim John Payne, author of "The Soul of Discipline" and director of Simplicity Parenting website

They continue their dialogue  capturing the highlights of Original Mind's 3rd Chapter, Stepping Stones to Forming Character.

"The Brain's Changes from Birth to Three: A Parenting Guide" Part 2 

44 minute podcast
Readers' Comments
Readers Rave about Original Mind.

"ģI look forward to going back and slowly rereading one section at a time.
Read, reflect and digest.  This is not so much a challenging book to read as
it is a treasure chest.  It is so full of insights that time and effort are needed to reveal all it has to offer."

Leilani Miranda, Childhood Music Director, Book Review in Perspective
Journal, Spring '15

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I Can't Believe I Did That
When The Mind Plays Tricks
By Dee Joy Coulter

We've just absentmindedly placed an object in a strange place, forgotten to turn on or off some switch, left home without our wallet, failed to pay an important bill that we were sure we had taken care of, gotten to the store to return something only to realize it's not in the car with us, daydreamed our way past the turnoff and now we're lost. It happens to all of us once in a while.

My ranch life intensifies as winter approaches. The days leading up to each freeze are filled with preparations - hay deliveries, brush mower picked up for its annual tune up, corrals raked clean one more time, garden layered with more leaves, scraps of hay and compost, fallen branches from the last windstorm broken into kindling for the winter, and horse blankets brought out for the two smaller horses.

That's all outside. Inside I increase my sorting, culling and reorganizing. There's something mysterious about the power of all these tasks as I "feng shui" my environment. My favorite book about this mystery is Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui by Karen Kingston. She suggests you pick the aspect of your life you most want to enhance and go to that part of the house and simplify! She shows you how to map out your house to tell which corners to tackle.

In the summer newsletter I said I wanted to create a brain blog for boomers and beyond, but in order do justice to that endeavor, I have had to feng shui my mind! It was just as cluttered as my surroundings. So for the past couple of months I have gone through all my files and radically pruned them back to make more interior space for thinking new thoughts. It's working and the first offering is the article on "I can't believe I did that!" which I've included for you here. Soon I hope to have a true Brain Blog offering simple practices, small adjustments and bits of fascinating information on how to care for our minds as we age. If you have subscribed to this newsletter, you will automatically receive the first entry, with the option to sign up for ongoing blogs. I promise I won't flood you with entries - maybe once every two weeks? After all, you might have noticed that even this newsletter isn't overwhelmingly frequent. The last issue was this summer!
Have fun browsing this belated newsletter -check out the great new podcast with Kim John Payne for parents, too!

Dee Joy Coulter
Original Mind Brilliance LLC
What's NEW !!!
I've just completed another exciting new booklet:
Checking Your Channels!
How do you operate best?
Here's a sneak preview:
Checking Your Channels!
We are going to explore three basic learning channels -- auditory, visual and kinesthetic-- and what it means when one or more of these channels fail to operate well. We will discover the role each channel plays in taking in information. When one or another channel is creating an obstacle to learning, we are faced with a real challenge. Either we receive information  in the modality that "works" for us or we may find new learning very difficult. This booklet contains inventories and practices to support your development.

It is now available for purchase as part of a four booklet set at

For those ordering copies of Original Mind at my website between now and March 22, 2016, this new booklet will be included as a free bonus. Order Now