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Great Interview between Michael Stone and Dee

Great interview between Michael Stone (a popular San Francisco radio announcer) and Dee Coulter about her book, Original Mind. Michael is  Waldorf educated and a dancer, writer, shamanic practices teacher and business consultant. 

He draws on his background to explore many of the book's ideas very deeply.  He was especially excited about Chapters 1 and 2 on the baby's mind and sensation vs perception, and the indigenous skills presented 
in Chapter 4 - The Road Not Taken.

53 minute podcast
Readers' Comments
Readers Rave about Original Mind.

"Thank you, Dee, for writing this book! I will be reading and re-reading it for the rest of my life."
Maya Verjovsky,
MA, Montessori teacher, MN

"This book is so amazingly in line with the things I've been trying to figure how to express to the Orff world. No one else is saying some of this stuff you bring up, even in the big world of the neuroscience of meditation."
Lisa Allen
MM, Orff Music and Mindfulness Instructor, 
San Francisco


In my effort not to flood you with these newsletters, I simply sailed through winter without one. However, I hope you'll agree that I'm making up for it with this great Spring issue!  I hope you'll enjoy it.

There are several really fascinating features this time. There's a terrific podcast with San Francisco radio personality, Michael Stone for you to hear. That one appeals to the magical side of the book. 

The book's parenting themes are highlighted in Simplicity Parenting. This popular parenting newsletter by Kim John Payne devoted it's entire November 2014 issue to an interview with me about the book's views on child development, and carried two additional articles by me as well.  I hope you'll check it out. [ Just click on its title.]  Their calm and nurturing approach to parenting is becoming a growing movement and you might want to subscribe to read their future issues as well.

As I explore new ways to help this unusual book fulfill its destiny, I would love your input. One step is quite clear:      I am now searching for a marketing and media assistant to help me expand awareness and audiences for the book! 

Could it be a training manual for workers in 3rd world countries, a textbook for exploring Cognitive Development in community colleges, a tool for teaching students to become systems thinkers, a fascinating book club choice? And should we be considering online webinars or credit courses perhaps?  As one who has probably read the book by now, what makes the most sense to you?  Your suggestions would be SO welcome, dear readers! 


Dee Joy Coulter
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I greatly appreciate all of you who have been following along on this journey to an Original Mind.  Thank you for sharing your personal discoveries as well!!
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