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Summer 2014
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Original Mind with Dee Joy Coulter

What do complex systems, epigenesis, hurricanes in Florida, babies, monks, flowers, and light waves 
have in common? 

Michael Ostrolenk and Dee 
Joy Coulter discuss them in this lively half hour podcast!

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Readers' Comments
Readers Rave about Original Mind.

"The educational community needs your book, as do reflective and thoughtful parents."
Mary L. Faddick
Colorado educational leader

"Dee, every single 'spiritual' teacher should know about this book and share with their students/community."
John Steiner
Social Networker

"I know of no one else who is making these connections and they are critical to understanding and re-learning."
Cynthia A. Gray, Ed.D.

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The slowest book you'll ever read and love!

Slow down, just read small bits and then play with each of the simple practices, you will be advised. You will even be asked to read out loud to learn indigenous mind skills. 

Two months after its release, early readers of Original Mind: Uncovering Your Natural Brilliance are beginning to offer exciting feedback. It appears that the book is inspiring a wide range of readers in the quest to uncover their own natural brilliance.

Artists and innovative leaders, spiritual seekers and new parents are all finding gems as they travel the book's journey. A sustainable agriculture group is discovering it deepens their connection to nature.

Still others report that the book sheds light on mid to late stage Alzheimer's. One college student with a head injury is even using the book's practices to help recover lost cognitive skills.

I hope you'll join these readers! Fascinating stories and valuable brain science insights make Original Mind really fun to read! Be sure to check out the special summer bonus for ordering now.


Dee Joy Coulter
Original Mind Brilliance LLC
Summer Offer


Are you a Quick Starter?
A Strong Endurance Person?
or A Great Closer?

People vary in their natural ability to "begin things", to stick with it during the less exciting "middles" of things, and to push for completing  things because they like the sense of accomplishment when they "end" things. We are natural coaches for our children, our family, friends and employees in our strong areas.  The good news is that by committing to develop our weak areas, we can begin to serve as a good role models or coaches for others in our weaker areas too.

I have created a fascinating small booklet for you, including an inventory to check your style, great information about how to develop your weaker areas and pointers on how to recognize other people's natural strengths as well.

Special Bonus Booklet: What's My Style? will be included as a FREE GIFT to all who order Original Mind at this website by September 22nd [the last day of summer]!

Our Price: $ 18.75
Retail Price: $ 24.95

I greatly appreciate all of you who have been following along on this journey to an Original Mind.  Thank you for sharing your personal discoveries as well!!
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