We want to start by pointing out the obvious: we have a new look. Apologies to any of our loyal readership with a soft spot for the old layout, but we here at the PowerCorpsPHL monthly newsletter decided it was high time for a rebrand. Our recent redesign also explains why you did not receive a July 2015 newsletter. Sorry, fam! 

However, we are very excited about all the news we have to bring you this month. So many good things have happened this summer and we are elated at seeing the corps members of Cohort IV flourish. With the current cohort ending on August 28th, we want to say congratulations to all the corps members who made it to the end. Keep an eye out for news about Cohort V, and thank you to everyone who shared the application for new corps members. Now, without any further ado, we hope you enjoy the inaugural edition of "Field Notes," and feel free to send us your feedback!

ACL Juan Matos shares his experience with President Obama at NAACP conference

Cohort III corps member and current Assistant Crew Leader Juan Matos was surprised to learn that he would have the opportunity to meet the President of the United States. He was even more surprised when he found out that this would be a very intimate meeting with just a handful of other people and no press. In a surreal and awesome moment, President Obama talked about how he could relate to the way Juan was inspired by his daughter. Read more here!
PowerCorpsPHL represents Philadelphia at the White House

Cohort IV corps members, crew leaders, and operations staff traveled to the nation's capitol for one in a series of weekly briefings. This one focused on workforce development and Opportunity Youth. As always, our family made Philadelphia look good, even receiving a shout-out from Bill Basl (the Big Cheese at AmeriCorps). We were stuck watching the livestream here in Philly, but you can check out our photos from the event.
A vital dialogue between community, local civic groups, and police

My Brother's Keeper Philly recently hosted a community-police dialogue in the hopes of developing mutual understanding. Our corps members turned out to share their experiences interacting with police, as well as to offer insight into how to improve the system. This was a very productive event, and we hope to see more of them. Local civic groups compiled facilitators' notes and produced a report, which you can read here.
Shares table with President Obama

Once again, rockstar alumnus Wayne Rucker is making waves. To mark the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan, Wayne was invited to join President Obama at the White House Iftar, where he sat at the same table as the Commander in Chief. Follow the link for more info! Link.

  • PowerCorpsPHL crews helped launch a new pop-up pool at Francisville Rec Center.
  • The Mayor's Office of Civic Engagement and Volunteer Service received a visit from Cities of Service UK and they were blown away by PowerCorps!
  • Temple Journalism's AMAZING Philadelphia Neighborhoods program featured our members in a story about environmental impact in Roxborough.
  • Crew members turned out to support PhillyGoes2College for their annual Top of the Class Parade and Celebration from South Philly High School to Dilworth Plaza outside City Hall! 
About PowerCorpsPHL
PowerCorpsPHL, launched in September 2013, is an AmeriCorps program designed to support Mayor Michael A. Nutter's environmental stewardship initiatives, as well as the City of Philadelphia's youth violence prevention and workforce development priorities. Read more.
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PowerCorpsPHL members complete 900 hours of AmeriCorps service with Philadelphia Parks and Recreation and the Philadelphia Water Department. If you are interested in hiring on of our alumni, contact Carolyn Caton, Workforce Partnerships Manager, as to learn more about our employer services.
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