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February 2015

Philadelphia is an Employer of National Service!

ICYMI: On January 12th, Mayor Michael Nutter, alongside the Corporation for National and Community Service CEO Wendy Spencer, announced that Philadelphia would be the first city in the country to become an Employer of National Service. As part of this initiative, Philadelphia will be the first employer in the nation to award up to five civil service points in recognition of applicants' national service through programs like AmeriCorps and Peace Corps.

So what does this all mean? Well, if you're one of the 3000+ individuals in the Greater Philadelphia Area with backgrounds in national service, you will be eligible to receive up to 5 bonus points on any civil service exam for which you have passed all other components. The amount of points you'll receive are commensurate with the amount of time you've served.

What that means for us is that ALL of our members who complete at least one cohort will be eligible to receive 3 points on their civil service exams, and any members who serve at least two full terms will be eligible for the full 5 points. 

By passing this initiative, Mayor Nutter has shown Philadelphia's commitment to national service as an institution, as well as the City's recognition of programs like Peace Corps and AmeriCorps as gateways into the workforce for young people of all backgrounds. 

We are absolutely THRILLED with this announcement and look forward to updating you on how it affects our crew members and re-uppers. And for those of you out there with national service experience who are looking for work, here is a list of Philly employers who signed on to the initiative:
Got a Few Minutes? Watch and Share This PSA About Our Program!

PowerCorpsPHL Public Service Announcement

Our former Communications Coordinator and AmeriCorps VISTA Christine Boegemann created this video featuring our crew members from the second cohort. We're very proud of Christine's work, as well as that of the crew members in this video.

While we are very excited to share this message with those of you who receive our monthly newsletter, one of the goals of making a video like this is to get the word out to new audiences! With that in mind, we ask that you share this video with someone who might not have been exposed to our mission yet--someone who doesn't know the caliber of young, local talent we work with!

We hope you enjoy and share! Thank you so much to Christine and to everyone who participated in the making of this video.

Help Us Help You!

Some of you may recall the Great Blizzard of 2015 that never really materialized. Remember? The City and School District shut down and pretty much everybody just took the day to watch Netflix in their pajamas? Well, in admirable, "Better safe than sorry," fashion, Mayor Nutter tapped our crews to shovel snow for the elderly, disabled, and others that are unable to shovel themselves. Working in concert with 311, PowerCorpsPHL teams were dispatched to different neighborhoods in the city to assist in the clean-up.

Even though the storm ended up being a dud, we were honored to receive that vote of confidence from the Mayor and the Office of Emergency Management. We are very proud of all the crew members who were out in the snow taking care of business, and we look forward to being called upon again the next time we are hit by a big Nor'Easter!

If you or someone you know is unable to clear his or her sidewalk after a snowstorm: call 311. They will try to send a team to shovel you out...and you might even get to meet one of our awesome crew members!
About PowerCorpsPHL
PowerCorpsPHL is an innovative AmeriCorps program that's still in its infancy. It's designed to address Mayor Michael A. Nutter and Governor Tom Wolf's environmental stewardship initiatives as well as the City of Philadelphia's youth workforce development and violence prevention priorities.
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Our talented and enthusiastic corps members have finished their service terms and are ready to help you expand your business. These alumni navigated a rigorous six months of full-time service, logging over 780 hours on professional projects with Philadelphia Parks and Recreation and the Philadelphia Water Department. Additionally, our team members have completed 120 hours of professional development, and are now ready and eager to become productive, contributing members of our region's workforce.

If you are interested in hiring a PowerCorpsPHL alum, contact Carolyn Caton, our Workforce Partnerships Manager, at carolyn.caton@phila.gov to learn more about our employer services.

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