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March 2014

This March, corps members from our first cohort are planning for their next steps as they prepare to graduate on April 4th. Additionally, we are looking forward to welcoming new members to the PowerCorpsPHL family on March 24th, when orientation begins.
Putting PowerCorpsPHL On The Map

We have officially launched our service map that details the work PowerCorpsPHL members have completed so far, site-by-site! Learn more about where our members have served and what they've accomplished so far.

Bicell shares his PowerCorpsPHL story with leaders in Washington, DC

Corps member Bicell represented PowerCorpsPHL in a recent trip to Washington, DC, where he accompanied Mayor Michael Nutter and Deputy Service Officer Julia Hillengas in meetings with Senator Pat Toomey, Congressman Chaka Fattah, and at a special convening of the President's Task Force on Expanding National Service chaired by Corporation for National and Community Service CEO, Wendy Spencer and including senior staff from cabinet departments and other federal agencies.
Bicell shared his perspective on the ways that his experiences with national service and PowerCorpsPHL has impacted his life and his community. "I got a chance to tell my story about how I changed my ways once my daughter got here. Washington, DC was great and I took advantage of that opportunity and I talked about my life, my past life, and my future. Mainly their focus was about PowerCorps, the program, and 'should they fund this program for many years?' So basically, I broke it down," explains Bicell.
Photo by Al Cassidy
Bicell represented PowerCorpsPHL in a trip to DC, where he spoke with various US legislators and leaders. 

Bicell continued, "The experience of working with other corps members and corps leaders is a great experience because we all come from that similar background. We all come from the streets. To see us doing something positive in the community and cleaning up parks and recreation areas, where, you never know, our kids might play at, or nieces or nephews might play at - it feels good to do those things, and it feels good to see all of us come together. In the end, it's not about money, it's not about none of that other stuff, it's about giving back to a community that, honestly, probably most of us helped mess up. So I feel good about it, and it just touched my heart to see all of us working together."


Green For All brings cameras and focus to Philadelphia, PowerCorpsPHL and the green economy


Green for All visited Philadelphia to interview PowerCorpsPHL members about the green infrastructure and their own roles within the green economy. Green for All crew spoke with corps members Juan and Mike as part of their filming for their soon-to-be released documentaries on the value of the green infrastructure.
"He just wanted to know my experiences, like, how did I feel being out there, being one of the people that's involved in green collar jobs," said Mike, of the interview experience.   
"I felt like I just made history itself. I represented Philadelphia. We represented our city. That was like, 'Wow, I'm speaking for Philly, green infrastructure, I'm speaking for that. That's a lot.'"
Photos by: Al Cassidy  
Corps members Mike, pictured left, and Juan, pictured right, were recently interviewed by Green For All and will be featured in videos that address green infrastructure.
Juan said of the opportunity to be interviewed, "It was a great experience. Even being selected, it's great. I was nervous, a little bit, speaking on camera, but you know, I'm just glad to represent PowerCorps." 
In regards to his own time with PowerCorpsPHL, Juan added, "The overall experience out there in the field, in the parks, cleaning up, you know, it's great being a part of the solution instead of the problem. It's great benefiting my community." 
PowerCorpsPHL serves at the
Philadelphia Flower Show

Last week, PowerCorpsPHL members served as volunteers at the Philadelphia Flower Show. They worked in the Make & Take room assisting visitors in creating their own wearable flower-themed craft projects and terrariums.
Photos by: Christine Boegemann
Above: Corps members Wayne and Josh assist in packing a woman's project. Below: Sara assists a woman as she prepares to select plants for her terrarium.
About PowerCorpsPHL

PowerCorpsPHL is an innovative, new AmeriCorps program designed to address Mayor Michael A. Nutter and Governor Tom Corbett's environmental stewardship initiatives as well as the City of Philadelphia's youth workforce development and violence prevention priorities.

"I feel as though it's my duty to take care of things. When you take away, you've got to put back."  


Mike, PowerCorpsPHL member


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"They treat me like family. They treat me like I'm a brother, a son. PowerCorps and Water Department, everyone treats you like family. Everybody wants to see each other succeed, so that's what's greatIf you really want to make a positive change in your life, this is a good place to start. They're giving you good opportunities, great training, good people, good staff. Everybody wants to see you succeed. "


Juan, PowerCorpsPHL member



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