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We're thrilled to announce the renewal of our partnership with AOPA. We're looking forward to another five productive years!
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The American Orthotic & Prosthetic Association (AOPA) and Cailor Fleming Insurance announced the renewal of their partnership effective January 1, 2015 to serve the Orthotic and Prosthetic profession with a wide range of custom designed insurance products for O&P facilities and manufacturers.
Jim Weber, MBA, AOPA Board Treasurer, and Thomas F. Fise, JD, Executive Director of AOPA, made the announcement at AOPA headquarters stating they "are pleased with the result. AOPA is extending the relationship with Cailor Fleming for another 5 years."

Jeff Michalenok, President of Cailor Fleming Insurance, based in Youngstown, Ohio noted that, "Cailor Fleming brings over 20 years of experience and client growth to the O&P partnership. We are now the exclusively endorsed program of AOPA & ABC. We also have the exclusive endorsement of NAAOP, BOC, PrimeCare and several state chapters for the Academy, including OH, PA, NY, FL, TX. We received these endorsements due to our commitment to the O&P industry and the total value that our program delivers."

In past years, several members of the AOPABoard of Directors have selected Cailor Fleming as their insurance provider. This led to AOPA's decision to partner and renew with the company in an effort to expandinsurance services to AOPA members. Fise states, "Their track record of impeccable client services, the broad, but also nimble range of insurance products-for example Cailor-Fleming almost instantaneously provided excellent surety bond capability when CMS triggered a new requirement-as well as their fifteen year record without premium increases further recommends their services to the O&P field."

Don Foley 
"Because of the unique exposures the industry faces, we designed an insurance program specifically for these risks and offer comprehensive protection that helps your business succeed, whether it's a patient care facility, central fab, manufacturer, or distributor"
said Don Foley, a principal of Cailor Fleming insurance and the manager of the firm's O&P program. "Royalty payments Cailor Fleming makes to AOPA based on their premium revenue helps make sure AOPA has the resources it needs to hire the most talented lobbying team, conduct comparative effectiveness research, and continue to offer its wide range of services to members."
Insurance coverage for AOPA members currently insured in the AOPA program will remain in force. Cailor Fleming will be available to present coverage and cost proposals to any interested AOPA members. The AOPA Insurance Program offers broad property, general and professional liability. In addition, when needed, auto, umbrella and workers compensation can be written.


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Friendly Faces of Cailor Fleming
O&P Department Staff

O&P Department Staff


Clockwise from top: Todd Mayle, Janet Dyer, Danielle Hahn, Sara Lorenzi, Katy Fonner, Terie Cosma, Don Foley, Debbie Rice, Patti Latessa, Jeff Michalenok, Bill McMahon.


This is "just" our O&P department staff and does not include our Health Insurance department or Personal Lines, Life and Disability department or Commercial Lines department staff! Stay tuned for their friendly faces in the coming months...

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