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January 2014 
In This Issue:
Happy New Year! 


New Years always means making new resolutions... Things in your life you want to change, to try something new or finally kick that bad habit. 





For most people this New Years Resolution includes joining a gym, start to exercise more and/or diet. But you're already here with us! You already have that gym membership... So now what? Some next steps you can make are simple! Each member is entitled to one First Workout with any of our Personal Trainers for an hour FREE. We can show you how to use machines or set up a game plan personalized for your goals. See Robert for more details! You can also set up a time to meet with Meredith for one on one health coaching, meal planning & tips for a healthier lifestyle. 





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Youth Sports & Conditioning Class


Have little ones that need that extra help with sports training or just want to get them active? 




Starting Jan. 15th for kids & teens with Robert. 


Focusing on:

  • Cardio
  • Strength
  • Speed
  • Balance & Coordination



What better way to start your Sunday than with some INSANITY at 9:30am starting Jan. 5th! 


Check out the new class schedule! 






In House Weekly Contests


Earlier this month we started a little challenge with some of the staff to see how long they can hold a plank. This challenge was kicked up a notch when members joined in! Steve Soos got up to 7 minutes!!



Then we came up with another challenge - 120 pushups in 4 minutes.

Started with Ricardo making it to 121 pushups and finishing up with Doug at 183!




Make sure you take a look at our board near our Personal Training area! 





Favorite Machine of the Month
Sometimes THE UNKNOWN can be a very intimidating thing.. not knowing how to use a certain machine, or not understanding the purpose of that machine may lead you to stay away.. and lose all the benefits that come with it!
In this new feature section of our newsletter - "Machine of the Month" - our Personal Trainers will pick their favorite machines, demonstrate how to use them, and explain the benefits of using each machine.  

This month Lynn Petschow picks the Showcase feature, the Fixed Lat Pulldown! 





"This machine tightens up triceps and your waist is going to look just like the picture! As soon as I saw that picture I was sold!" Ready to see why Lynn loves this machine so much?


In the seated position, adjust the roller pad up or down by pulling the red adjustment knob and setting the pad above the knees and thighs. After setting the roller pad height, stand up, grasp the handles, and descend slowly until your upper thighs are secured under the roller pad. To initiate motion, pull the handles down towards your chest.


Don't forget - our personal trainers are always here if you have any questions about the machines. We are more than happy to show you!

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Tanning Package Special

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Non-expiring. Must buy 10 sessions.
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