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November 2013 
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New You November! 

November is known for Thanksgiving, everything pumpkin and staying warm! This month we have some exciting new things coming - a new challenge just for our members, Cross Training special classes & some information on our famous Holiday Party!  



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NEW Cross Training Studio Time

We have had a lot of interest in our MMA/Cross Training Studio and have decided to make designated Studio Time! During this studio time you are able to workout with other members and really utilize what the room has to offer! 






These times will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:00pm - 7:30pm.




Favorite Machine of the Month

Sometimes THE UNKNOWN can be a very intimidating thing.. not knowing how to use a certain machine, or not understanding the purpose of that machine may lead you to stay away.. and lose all the benefits that come with it!
In this new feature section of our newsletter - "Machine of the Month" - our Personal Trainers will pick their favorite machines, demonstrate how to use them, and explain the benefits of using each machine.  

This month Meredith Gersten picks the Showcase feature "Machine of the Month", the Seated Cable Row! 



"This machine is awesome because it hits so many of your back muscles, helps to improve your posture and actives other muscle groups at the same time." Ready to start?


Set the right weight on the seated row machine and attach a double-handle attachment of your choice. Sit on the machine bench with your knees slightly bent and your feet against the footrest. Your back should be flat, your chest out, your abs engaged, and your legs slightly bent.


Exhale, pull your shoulders back and bend your elbows until you pull the bar close to your lower chest. Inhale and slowly bring your shoulders forward, flex your back and extend your arms until the bar is close to your feet. Repeat for your desired reps.

Tip: Keep your back straight and your chest forward throughout the exercise.


Don't forget - our personal trainers are always here if you have any questions about the machines. We are more than happy to show you!

Holiday Gift Certificates Available!


We can hardly believe it's that time again for gift giving! Sometimes it can be so hard to get the perfect gift. Why not give a gift that could possibly change someone's life through fitness and health? 


We have many gift certificates to give your loved ones! Including membership options, tanning, personal training & health coaching. 



Bring Sally Up Push Up Contest

Last month we had a Halloween workout Challenge and our winner, Kevin won a Strength and Fitness gym bag! This month we are going to do another challenge... And you must sign up for it! Our special prize will be given right after.


The "Bring Sally Up Contest" is based on the song by Moby "Sally Up".


Every time the song says "Bring Sally Up" you are up push-up stance. Every time the song says "Bring Sally Down" you move down into your push-up position.


Last one standing wins!



Sally Up position



Sally Down position  


Sign up at the front desk today!

Celebrate the Holiday's with Us! 
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