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January 2013 
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New Year 
Happy New Year!
'Tis the season for ... oh right... my New Year's Resolution.
Did you know that according to the University of Scranton (Journal of Clinical Psychology), the most popular New Year's resolution in 2012 was to lose weight? As incredible as it sounds, getting back on track is very important to all of us especially after all those delicious holiday desserts.  We understand how most of you feel because we have the same goal. 
We're kicking off the New Year with a few great programs to motivate you to achieve your fitness goals. Check out our BEACH BODY BOOT CAMPS, Get Fit Challenge, Nutrition Seminars and incredible promotions all featured in this month's newsletter.
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Thank You
Annual Holiday Party
Thank you to our members, friends and family who attended the Annual Strength and Fitness Club Holiday Party. We felt that it was the best turn out to date and enjoyed spending time with everyone. We hope you had a wonderful time.
Winter Class Updates
 Attention members... check out the following class updates:
  • Theara is revamping her boxing class to include Kickboxing!
  • Ricardo has taken over Paul's Tuesday night Spin class.
  • Coming Soon: Leah will be adding another ZUMBA class to the schedule! Stay tuned.
Check out the new schedule HERE.

Introducing Beach Body Boot Camp

THREE camps....ONE ultimate get ready for summer!

Sign up for 1 or more specialized camps including:

  1. BEACH BODY BOOT CAMP (Instructors: Robert & Mike)
  2. BOXING BOOT CAMP (Instructor: Theara)
  3. TRX SUSPENSION BOOT CAMP (Instructor: Kim) 


  • Camps are a series of Small Group Training sessions where the primary focus is to tone and strengthen and to prepare trainees for swimsuit season.
  • Our 6 month programs run from January through June 21st.
  • Three incredible pricing options.
  • Sign up at the front desk or REGISTER ONLINE and set your summer goals TODAY!


See Robert McGrady, Director of Training for more details.

It's Back: SNF's "Get Fit Challenge"
Challenging members to get results!

We're kicking off the popular Get Fit Challenge this month. This contest is for members who wish to compete in either (or both) categories:
  1. Weight loss & Tone
  2. Physique
See Robert McGrady, Director of Training for more details.
Kim's Korner
Group Nutrition Program

Informational Meetings

Join Kim McNeice to learn about the Group Nutrition program starting in late January. Here is a chance to learn how to get your eating habits back on track by establishing healthy habits for life. For more information, contact Kim. 
  • Tuesday, January 15th 10-10:45 AM 
  • Tuesday, January 15th 5:30-6:15 PM
  • Saturday, January 19th 11-11:45 AM
5 Simple Steps to Boost Your Energy
Try following these 5 simple guidelines to keep yourself energized throughout the day:  
  • Fuel up smart. Get enough fiber and protein in your diet; fiber helps prevent constipation (which can make you feel sluggish) and protein helps keep your muscles strong. Foods that are high in both fiber and protein are: lentils, beans, and whole grains.
  • Steady state. Work on keeping a steady blood sugar level - think small frequent meals spread fairly evenly throughout the day, consisting of complex carbohydrates and protein. Always having an afternoon slump in mid-afternoon? It may due to your big lunch with too many simple carbs! Include whole grains in your lunch to keep your blood sugar steady
  • Reach for foods that are rich in the B vitamins and iron. Eat iron-rich foods in particular, are important for ladies who are chronically anemic.
  • Love thy liquids. Keep yourself hydrated with the right fluids, such as water and green tea. Forgo coffee and sodas. If you drink alcohol, do so only in moderation. Alcohol not only dehydrates; it can disrupt your sleep and cause Vitamin B deficiencies.
  • Exercise. Every little bit counts, so start committing time to exercise like you would any other appointment. If 30 minutes a day seems like a lot to start with, break it down into three 10-minute chunks spread throughout the day.
Promotions & Specials
Refer a Friend and Get a FREE MONTH membership!
See Robert or Mike for details.
Some restrictions apply.
Check Out these Incredible Deals!
Buddy / Partner Training Packages


2 for the Price of 1!
Purchase any training package and invite your buddy to train with you for free! An excellent way to motivate each other.
See Robert for details. Existing members only.
New Member Discounted Training Sessions


Are you new to Strength and Fitness Club? New members can take advantage of these discounted personal training packages:
3 x 30 minute sessions .... $99
6 x 30 minute sessions .... $189
3 x 1 hour sessions .... $180
6 x 1 hour sessions .... $336

See Robert for details. 
For new members and only at the time of enrollment. Offer expires on 12/31/12. Cannot be combined with other discounted offers.
10 for $5

Tanning Package Special

10 Sessions / $5 per session


Non-expiring. Must buy 10 sessions.
Seasonal Shake
Chocolate Mint Seasonal Protein Shake

A twist on our classic chocolate protein shake with just a hint of mint extract.
Now through January.

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