January 2015
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What's New at Child's Play

January is "pack the bags and hit the road" time for our intrepid Child's Play team, and off we were once again to Las Vegas, this time for the often overwhelming but never boring Consumer Electronics Show. Check out our blog on the experience, below. The first part of February we'll be closer to home, navigating our favorite annual New York event, Toy Fair, and its partner presentation, the Digital Kids Conference. The second half of the month will see us heading back to the clouds en route to Kidscreen and iKids in Miami where -- amid weather 50+ degrees warmer than back in the Big Apple -- we shouldn't be too terribly homesick. 


If you're heading to Toy Fair, Digital Kids, Kidscreen or iKids and would like to connect and learn more about how Child's Play can help you reach moms, please contact company president, Stephanie Azzarone, at (212) 488-2060 x 11 or sa@childsplaypr.com  

From Our Blog

Moms, Kids and CES 2015  

By Stephanie Azzarone, president, Child's Play Communications


A friend visited recently from Shanghai and commented how quiet the streets of New York City were in comparison.

She would have been at home at this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where getting from point A to point B is much like dodging the vast number of pedestrians in Shanghai or New York, only with much longer waits for taxis. This year, 170,000 people checked out 3,500 exhibitors spread over two million square feet, looking for tech's latest and greatest.


Clients in the News

USA Today for tech-toy maker Tiggly

The Today Show for crafts client Seedling
Lots and lots of local TV for multiple clients. In fact, there were entire segments devoted exclusively to Child's Play clients!

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We coudn't resist sharing Similac's brilliant and funny take on the Mommy Wars. Enjoy!
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