Becoming a Mosaic Group Leader
What is Mosaic?
A mosaic is a beautiful work of art formed from hundreds of colorful pieces of glass. Each small piece plays an important role in making the image complete. This is similar to the body of Christ. Small groups of people gather to fellowship, worship, study Scripture, pray and serve. Then, those groups join together for praise and celebration.
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Thank you for choosing to become a Mosaic group leader. We hope your decision is the result of your growing relationship with Jesus Christ and a sense of God's divine direction that this is where He wants you to serve.

Whether you are starting a group from scratch or dividing an existing group, it is important that you are prepared and have all the support you need to be a great success.  To accomplish this we want to make a few commitments to you:
  • We will train and prepare you to the best of our ability.
  • We will keep you in prayers and offer as much encouragement as possible.
  • We will will continue to provide ongoing training experiences.
  • We will hold you accountable.
We also ask that you make certain commitments:
  • The Mosaic leader must attend regular training and support sessions.
  • The mosaic leader must be in agreement with the doctrines and practices of the Church of the Nazarene. Statement of Belief
  • The Mosaic leader must be a devoted follower of Christ.
  • The Mosaic leader must be willing to be accountable.
  • The Mosaic leader will look for opportunities to identify, equip, commission, and encourage new Mosaic leaders.
  • The Mosaic leader will look for opportunities to form new groups.
Our goal is to have a Mosaic Bible study within walking distance of every resident of Philadelphia

  Church Planting Movement


Good Mosaic groups don't just happen.  They are the result of individuals who are intentional about leading groups.  Like a good trail guide, the leader has an understanding of the trail and can plan ahead for the journey and make mid-course corrections as necessary.   In order to reach this goal we want to be able to answer the following questions concerning our leaders:

  • Is there a specific plan to identify, recruit, train, commission and encourage new Mosaic leaders?
  • Are Mosaic leaders properly trained?
  • Are the Mosaic leaders connected with mentors and others who will encourage and pray for them weekly?
  • Are Mosaic leaders maintaining a strong spiritual life and committed walk with the Lord?
  • Is there a strategic ongoing plan to start new Mosaic groups?
Our Core Values

Christ Centered-We are committed to becoming fully devoted and Spirit-filled followers of Christ.

 Discipleship-We believe that true disciples make disciples.


 Biblical-Our teaching will remain biblically centered and theologically responsible.


 Doctrine--We are distinctively Nazarene. Statement of Belief


 Accountability- We will be accountable to one another.


 Stewardship-We will not be enslaved by finances.
Generosity-We will practice compassion and use our resources to support the mission to make disciples of all nations.  


What does Mosaic look like?


Simply stated, Mosaic is the people of God, empowered by the Spirit of God, doing the work of God.


We recognize that in Bible times churches met both in small and larger group gatherings (see Acts 2:46; 20:20). Each is legitimate and can work well in the right circumstances. 


Our observation is that "house" or "cell" church works well in some people groups and cultures, but not so well in others.  This is why we encourage Mosaic groups to take whatever form that fits best.


Mosaic is not a sect or para-church organization. It is simply a discipleship resource that will remain true to the doctrines and core values of the Church of the Nazarene. 


Mosaic is not emerging from anything. We embrace tried and true, historically proven and doctrinally sound methods of making disciples who make disciples and planting churches that plant churches. 


While Mosaic is not a support group, we believe it is God's design for His church to be transforming broken people into people who are restored to wholeness and enabled to serve Him effectively.