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"Teach us to pray". There seems to be something within us that longs to connect with God.  That is why prayer is such a vital part of the life of a Mosaic group.  


Wonderful things happen when Mosaic groups become involved in meaningful times of prayer.  Relationships with God and each other begin to deepen.  Group members grow spiritually.  The Holy Spirit brings times of filling and refreshing. Most amazingly, God answers prayers and faith increases. 


Here are some ideas that may help you lead your group in prayer. 

Praying Hands 

Model Prayer
Be a person of prayer yourself.   You would be hard-pressed to find a leader in Scriptures who was effective and did not have a prayer life. Set aside regular daily times of prayer. Your close relationship with God will be evidenced by others in the group.
When it is your turn to pray in the group, keep your prayers honest, authentic, and from your heart.


Help members of your group feel safe.  Don't call on someone to pray unless you've asked permission beforehand (or you know them well).  Don't expect everyone to pray every time.  Try to avoid praying in a circle.  Allow members to pray one at a time as they feel led.  A sense of safety will foster more genuine prayer.
 Help guide the prayer.  Help new believers understand how to pray.  Emphasize the importance of letting the Holy Spirit lead.  Use a variety of praying methods.  Make sure to pray every time you meet.
Biblical Examples and Styles of Prayer  

The Lord's Prayer gives us a basic model for prayer. But there are other great biblical examples of prayer as well.


Opening Prayer

"Hear our prayer.."

(Neh. 1:11, Psalm 5:1-3)



"Hallowed by your name..."

(Deut 10:21; 1 Chron 29:10-13; Psalm 34:8-9)



"You are worthy"

(Psalm 27:1; Is. 26:3; Romans 8:38-39)


Presenting Needs

"Give us this day..."

(Psalm 7:1; Neh. 1:11; Matthew 7:7-8)



"Forgive us our debts..."

(Psalm 51; Matthew 18:21-22; 1 John 1:9)



"Lead us not into temptation..."

(Psalm 27; John 15:7-11)



"Give thanks to the lord..."

(1 Chron. 16:34; Psalm 75:1; Rev. 11:17)



"The Lord bless you and keep you..."

(Numbers 6:22-27; Psalm 1:1)



"Go therefore and make disciples..."

(Matthew 28:18-20; Acts 6:5-7; Acts 13:3)



"The prayer of faith will make well..."

(James 5:13-16; Psalm 6:2; 41:4)



"Get thee behind me, Satan..."

(Matthew 4:10; 16:23)



"May the grace of the Lord..."

(2 Corinthians 13:14; Ephesians 3:20-21)

Creative Ideas for 
Group Prayer 

1. Pray through a psalm out loud together.
2. If you leading a group for married couples, have spouses pray for each other.
3. Vary prayer time between the beginning, middle and closing of the meeting.
4. Pick a portion of Scripture to pray for one another during the week.  (i.e. Col. 1:9; Eph. 3:14-19)
5. Pray through your church's prayer requests given in the bulletin.
6. If someone is in crisis, stop and pray for them right then.
7. Pray for the church, country, a family in need, specific church outreach events or ministries, or any area of which the group has a passion.
8. Do a study on prayer. 
9. Select a prayer coordinator who writes down requests each meeting and keeps track of the answers.  Have the prayer coordinator organize a prayer chain.
10. Have a time of praise.  Invite the group to spend time just praising God.
11. Write prayer requests on a piece of paper, then have group members select one and encourage them to pray for the request throughout the week.
12. Don't rush prayer time. 
13. As you prepare the group for prayer, make sure to leave enough time to actually pray.  If not managed propertly, taking requests, telling stories, or discussing side issues can obsorb much of the prayer time.