Principal's Blue &  Gold Letter
School Events
Tuesday, March 15  
Spirit Night at The Elm
11AM to 2AM 

Wednesday,  March 16
All School Mass

Friday, March 18
Stations of the Cross 9AM

Quarters for Kids
Polo Shirts and Jeans

Thursday, March 24
Holy Thursday
Para-Liturgy The Triduum 2PM

Friday, March 25 Good Friday 
No School

Monday, March 28 - Friday, April 1

Spring Break 
No School

Tuesday, April 5
PTSA Meeting
Wednesday, April 6
Middle School Faire
Saturday, April 9 
The Big Event  Westin Hotel Downtown

Monday, April 18
Spirit Night
The Kitchen Next Door 
Dear parents,
I hope you and your family are all doing well!  This week, we are experiencing a myriad of Colorado seasons: early part of week spring, mid-week blustery and gale force winds, end of the week, snow! 
I've repeatedly heard from parents that with each new grade their children enter, they look forward to certain activity-presentations.  Our teachers have embedded in the curriculum meaningful and content relevant activities that truly showcase what the students know. 
Last week was no exception.  I, along with parents, was invited to the 1st Grade weather project presentations.  Students learned about weather in science, and mapping and geography in social studies (love the interdisciplinary approach).  The culminating project for these contents was creating a weather map.  For the project, students were given specific criteria:  draw a map of the United States, label or make a map key of the country's topography, label the specific features, and use weather symbols across the map depicting weather conditions.  Creativity is encouraged J  Each student was given 3 to 5 minutes to present their weather maps to the class (we begin public speaking early).  Teachers provided a letter describing the project and subsequent criteria for the maps.
The map presentations were on Friday, March 11.  I attended the afternoon presentations in Mrs. Holligan's class, and was thoroughly impressed with the individual creativity, unique interpretation, and attention to detail in each map.  Some students drew the map features while others used objects.  Some students memorized the information they were presenting, some had the information on the back of the map describing the map, and others used hand held notes to read from. 
All of the students were eager to present, they all seemed prepared, poised, articulate, confident, and happy with their projects.  All in all, the former describes a high-level behavior for such nascent learners, let alone feeling comfortable with speaking to groups of students and speaking in front of adults.
We are proud of the work of our teachers and the high level of activities that accompany lessons.
God Bless you and yours,
Loving Father of mine,
I feel the pace quicken, the time draw near.
I am filled with joy as I move toward Easter
and the promised reconciliation with you.
Teach me to follow the example of your Son,
to be worthy of being called one of his people: a Christian.
Help me to live each day as he did
turning hatred to love and conflict to peace.
I await the new life with eagerness, faith
and a deep gratitude.
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Parish Events
Mass Times: 
Weekdays: 8:00AM  
Anticipatory Mass:  
8:00 & 10:00AM

Children's Liturgy
of the Word
During 10AM Mass on Sundays 
8:00AM - 4:00PM 
8:00AM until finished
and again from
3:00 - 4:00PM 
Sundays during Lent 9:15 - 9:45AM

Middle School  
Youth Group
5:30 - 7:00PM 

Fridays during Lent
Stations of the Cross
Preceded by Soup Supper at 5:15PM

April 3
Easter Sunday
Mass at 8AM & 10AM

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