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Dear Parents,
Blessings to you and your families!  We've had an amazing few weeks with award winning students.  Once again we can celebrate in that Eamon Nussbaum, 6th Grade, took 4th Place in Math at the Archdiocese of Denver Academic Decathlon!  Congratulations Eamon J
Last fall, the teachers and I attended the STEM conference at the Morgridge College of Education at the University of Denver.  We spent the day attending varying breakout sessions learning and gaining ideas that we could implement or wish for.  I attended a session facilitated by ViziTech USA entitled, "3D Technology to Support STEM Processes".  The technology was unbelievably impressive!  Two 3D systems were introduced, the 3D Rover and the ZSpace computer.  The 3D Rover is a portable 3D computer that is home to over 1,500 math and science lessons.  The ZSpace computer operates similarly but is designed for a technology lab.  I was hoping that one day we would be able to acquire the 3D Rover for the Middle School science and mathematics programs.  After discussing the technology with a few parents, we were set to consider raising money to purchase the 3D Rover.  In December, 2015, I contacted the ViziTech USA representative to garner information about purchasing and shipping the product.  He indicated that we may be eligible for a grant and he instructed me look for an email with instructions on writing a request for proposal (RFP) for a fully funded grant application for one 3D Rover.  Soon after completing the RFP, we received the fully funded grant of $15,000 for the 3D Rover.  By the end of January we took possession of the 3D Rover.  We are currently the only school west of the Mississippi to have the 3D Rover.
Ms. Katy Glennon is implementing the 3D Rover technology in all of her lessons.  For example in the 7th Grade students are learning about Mitosis which is the process of cell replication.  This concept is always challenging for students to grasp as it is a multi layered process and is very detailed.  Students must understand how the chromosomes duplicate and then line up and separate across a cell.  They also learn what organelles assist in this process and how the cell grows and then divides forming two identical cells.   Every year the 7th graders struggle with this topic.  The students look at slides under the microscope, complete detailed notes, and create the movement of the chromosomes on a cookie with sprinkles as well as create their own flip books to try and visualize the process.  Even after learning this material multiple ways, students still struggle to fully comprehend this concept and it shows in the test scores.
After receiving the 3D Rover this year, students were able to explore Mitosis in a unique way.  Using 3D glasses students travel into the cell and are able to see the 5 phases of Mitosis come to life before their eyes.  During prophase the nuclear envelope breaks apart and then the chromosomes line up in the center of the cell which begins Metaphase.  Using the 3D Rover students see the nuclear envelope break apart and quite literally come into their faces using the 3D technology.  They then see the chromosomes move to the middle and separate.  After watching the video the students were amazed saying this process makes so much more sense now that they can see it come to life.  Students also would reference the video as they were reviewing for the exam and Ms. Glennon is happy and proud to say that every student made an A on the Mitosis Test.  Every student was able to master and explain the concept which has not been the case in previous years.  She looks forward to great success with using the 3D Rover as a tool for her STEM lessons.
We are blessed beyond words in that we added the technology to our Middle School program.  I highly encourage you to attend the demonstration at the Middle School Faire on April 6, 2016, between 6:00 and 8:00PM.
O Holy Spirit, I humbly implore You, be with me always so that in all things, I may act under the influence of Your holy inspiration.
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