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School Events
Sunday, Jan. 31 - Saturday, Feb. 6
Catholic Schools Week

Tuesday, February 2
Spirit Night
Park Burger Hilltop

Wednesday, Feb. 3
Celebrating Our Families
8AM Mass followed by donuts for all Grandparents and Parents - RSVP to main office 303.377.8835 

Saturday, February 6
Electronics Recycling
10AM - 1PM

Sunday, February 7
Open House

Monday, February 8
Middle School
Open Forum
4:30 - 6PM

Monday, February 8 -
Friday, February 12
ITBS Testing

Tuesday, February 9
Gift Gathering Party 

Wednesday, Feb. 10
Ash Wednesday
School Mass

Monday, Feb. 15
President's Day
No School
Dear Parents,

I hope you are enjoying the snow day! I was up at 4:30AM in order to determine whether we would be in session today or not! Although it was early, I was happy to get the no school notice out for our early risers!

As you know we are celebrating National Catholic Schools Week! This annual event is a celebration in Catholic education in the U.S. This year's theme is, "Catholic Schools: Communities of Faith, Knowledge, and Service." What I find interesting about this year's theme is that it embodies our Vision Statement and weekly goal setting model: Faith - Academics - Service! It does my heart good to know that OUR vision is aligned with what the National Catholic Education Association says is the purpose of a Catholic education.

The Catholic Schools Week Committee at BSCS crafted a well-rounded week that showcases our value for Catholic education by creating classroom activities and events that contribute to Blessed Sacrament School and Parish, the Greater Park Hill and Stapleton communities, and our nation. Check out the insert that went out in backpacks for all of the wonderful activities that were are doing this week!

One aspect of service that is worth showcasing is the overwhelming importance of students engaging in service-learning and service projects. The National Center for Education Statistics defined service learning (SL) as, "curriculum-based community service that integrates classroom instruction with community service activities." Included in service-learning were: school-wide SL, part of the special education programs, part of discipline programs, SL electives or advisories, part of honor societies and clubs, and part of dropout prevention courses or programs. I know from experience that implementation varies from school to school. When I was a National Honor Society sponsor I routinely received phone calls from our school parents asking if their son or daughter could "work-off" his or her service hours that were mandated by the court. All in all, service learning varies from school to school, program to program which lacks the continuity grade to grade in helping form the moral compass of the student.

Helping form the moral compass for our students is tantamount to faith and academics. The benefits we see transcend all settings and sets our students up for life. We see the immediate benefits in embedding service in our program across all grades as it:
* Develops critical thinking and problem-solving skills
* Grows the understanding of diverse cultures and communities
* Helps students learn more about social issues and their root causes
*  Provides students with opportunities to act on his or her beliefs and values
* Helps students discover Christ through others
* Is genuine outreach to those in need
* Reinforces praying for those in need
* Reinforces Catholic social justice teaching

On behalf of the BSCS staff, thank you for giving us the opportunity to be your education partner. We are passionate about doing our part to create beautiful adults.

Blessings, Carla
Lord God,
I sense that all is your creation and everything, and all of us, are being drawn back toward your loving heart. 
Help me to be a person of peace,
To Speak about it in an uneasy world.
And to live it among the people you have put into my life every day.
Light in me a desire to prepare for your coming, to stand in the darkness, waiting eagerly, and filled with joy. Amen.
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Parish Events
Mass Times: 
Weekdays: 8:00AM  
Anticipatory Mass:  
8:00 & 10:00AM

Children's Liturgy
of the Word
During 10AM Mass on Sundays 
8:00AM - 4:00PM 
8:00AM until finished
and again from
3:00 - 4:00PM  

Tuesday, Feb. 9
40 Days for Life Kick-off Mass & Rally

Wednesday, Feb. 10
Ash Wednesday
6:30AM, 8AM, 6:30PM
Ashes distributed at all

Tuesday, February 16
Young Catholic Professionals

Sunday, February 21
Donut Sunday

Middle School  
Youth Group
5:30 - 7:00PM 

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