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October 1, 2013 
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In celebration of LGBTQ History Month, the Student Life Multicultural Center is pleased to be hosting photo exhibits from the Family Diversity Project. The two exhibits, "Love Makes a Family" and "We Have Faith" will be on display in the Ohio Union Great Hall art showcases (first floor) from October 1-30, 2013.

Through first-person accounts and positive images, the photo exhibit seeks to help foster informed discussions about bias, prejudice, and discrimination along with faith, acceptance and inclusion. As one moves through the Ohio Union, it is a delightful illustration of the diversity, faith & families that make up the LGBTQ community. The next time you are in the building, please take a moment to check out the photos and read the stories that accompany them.


While there are many events happening throughout the month (see below!), we are especially excited to be partnering with the Office of Diversity & Inclusion to host Janet Mock as the National Coming Out Day keynote on October 10.


There are two opportunities to engage with her:


Gender Policing and the Politics of Defining Womanhood at 11:30 am in Hale Hall-Registration required.

Click here to register.


National Coming Out Day Keynote at 7 pm in the Cartoon Room of the Ohio Union. No registration is required for the evening event.


We look forward to seeing you there!




In Pride & Community,

Angie Wellman

Angie Wellman 2012    







Angie Wellman, MSE, PCC

Intercultural Specialist

 Multicultural Center, Office of Student Life 










LGBTQ History Month Photo Exhibit

In celebration of LGBTQ History Month, the Student Life Multicultural Center is pleased to be hosting photo exhibits from the Family Diversity Project. The two exhibits, "Love Makes a Family" and "We Have Faith" will be on display in the Ohio Union Great Hall art showcases (first floor) from October 1-30, 2013.


Through first-person accounts and positive images, the photo exhibit seeks to help foster informed discussions about bias, prejudice, and discrimination along with faith, acceptance and inclusion.


To learn more about LGBTQ History Month events and programs, stop by the Multicultural Center, also located in the Ohio Union.

October 2: Screening of Valentine Road 
HBO and OutLaws Present the Premiere of Valentine Road A documentary from HBO that revisits the 2008 murder of a young teenager who had begun exploring his gender identity, detailing the circumstances that led to the school shooting by a fellow student and its complicated aftermath. The crime grabbed national headlines and dramatically changed the lives of students, educators and a community. The film raises urgent issues about the safety of LGBT teens, juvenile justice and the efficacy of the country's educational and social service systems to prevent these kinds of tragedies.



5:30 PM * Reception

6:30 PM * Screening and Panel Discussion


Click this link to RSVP: https://www.homeboxoffice.com/rsvp/valentineroad_columbus

October 2: Scarlet & Gay Book Club
Scartlet and gay headerThe Scarlet & Gay Book Club meets monthly to discuss books selected by the group.  Please view the upcoming schedule below and plan to attend. Please consider attending our next Book Club Discussion - you will have fun! Below you'll find what we have selected for the rest of the year (subject to change based on feedback from the group). For more information, contact Carlos Lugo.


Wednesday, October 2:  "The Submission" by Amy Waldman.  7:00 p.m.  Club Diversity.

November 5:  "My Antonia" by Wila Cather. 

December 3:   "Portraits and Observations: The Essays of Truman Capote"

January 7:  "The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao" by Junot Diaz.

February 4:  "The Great Gatsby" by F. Scott Fitzgerald


All meetings are at 7:00 p.m. at Club Diversity (863 S. High St).

ENDA--Get Involved!
Ohio is one of 29 State where you can be fired for being lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender.  Come learn about the campaign that is trying to stop this! LGBTQ and Allied students and community leaders are meeting to discuss the current work to pass the Employee Non Discrimination Act in Ohio.  There will be a presentation of tactics and strategies and time to connect the campaign to goals student leaders have for student LGBTQA activism on campus.


Opportunities to get involved include:

ENDA Columbus Phonebanking on October 3 at the Equality Ohio Offices, located at 61 Jefferson Ave. ENDA Campaign Community Meeting on October 8th 8pm in the Ohio Union Great Hall Meeting Room 3.

For more information, email Shawn Copeland at shawnc@workplaceopportunity.org.

October 3:  Coming Out Together 
Coming Out Together The Student Life Multicultural Center in partnership with Counseling and Consultation are pleased to offer a a series of workshops entitled "Coming Out Together" on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month at 4 pm.

Let us support you with this series of workshops designed to empower you in deciding what coming out means to you. This program is designed to present ideas about coming out followed by an opportunity for discussion.


All are welcome and will find benefit in this series at any stage of the coming out process. You may have heard that "coming out" is a life-long process.  Whether you're deciding if its right for you to come out for the first time or the 100th time, we are here for you.


This series is open to all undergrad and graduate students. Please join us for this new opportunity for self-exploration and rich discovery. All gatherings will take place in the Multicultural Center, located in Suite 1000 of the Ohio Union.

October 4: LGBTQ Student & Family Reception
mother-daughter-hug.jpgAs a parent or caregiver, you want your student to succeed in college, but how can you help? If your student also happens to identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender, you may have additional questions and concerns about Ohio State--their new home away from home.

You may be wondering:

  • What is campus like for them?
  • What resources are available for LGBTQ students?
  • Are gay students safe on campus and in Columbus?

You may even be looking for more information about sexual orientation and gender identity as you seek to better understand and support your student as they transition into adulthood.

Part of the college experience is learning to be independent and self-reliant, but you can still help your student as they grow toward an understanding of themselves, and greater independence.

Stop by the Student Life Multicultural Center from 5-7 pm on Friday, October 4 for an opportunity to meet and talk with other family members, and learn more about what programs and services are available for LGBTQ students. Light refreshments will be provided, as well as fun OSU swag.


Kick off your Parent & Family Weekend by building your Buckeye pride and strengthening your connection to the University and your student!

October 7:  Queers & Allies 
Lunch  Q&A is targeted toward second year students and above. The group is dedicated to community building, education, service, and social activities to foster an environment of understanding, respect, and unity between the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning community and the larger community with the direct support and assistance of straight allies.

Looking for a way to connect with other LGBTQ students on campus? This group is for you!

Were you in the First Year Cohort last year? This group is for you!

Looking to get involved in social justice work related to queer issues? This group is for you! 

All are welcome to attend; no RSVP is necessary. Just show up!

Queers & Allies meet every Monday night at 6 pm in the Multicultural Center, located in the Ohio Union.

October 7: First Year Cohort
cohort The LGBTQ First Year Cohort is offered to first year and transfer students. It is also an excellent resource for students who are coming out.  The group meets every Monday night at 8 pm in the Multicultural Center, located in the Ohio Union.


This program exists to build community and engage lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning & queer students in social, support and educational experiences. 

Student leaders help to facilitate each session, plan social outings, coordinate small groups discussions and serve as mentors to group participants.

All are welcome to attend. No need to RSVP--just show up!

October 8: Anyone & Everyone 
family2.jpgAnyone and Everyone tells the stories of families from Utah to North Carolina and Wyoming to New York, all connected by a common thread - a gay child. This poignant and often heartbreaking documentary by first-time filmmaker Susan Polis Schutz (also the parent of a gay son) reveals a family's struggle and desire to accept a child's sexual orientation.


The film features parents from a wide range of religions, ethnicities, and political leanings, all of whom discuss their initial reactions to their child's coming out. While some showed unconditional support, others struggled with their child's sexual orientation, fearing alienation from their extended family, their church, or their community. Some simply did not understand the broad diversity of sexual orientation, and that anyone and everyone might have someone who identifies as LGBTQ in their family.


Whether Japanese, Cherokee, Mormon, Catholic, or Hindu, these families all share a deep love for their children, along with a struggle for acceptance, both in their own home and within society as a whole.


Join us in viewing this film in the Multicultural Cener on October 8 at 4 pm. A facilitated dialogue will follow. Topics will include how to support an LGBTQ family member or friend, as well as a dialogue on when, how (or whether) to come out to family.

All are welcome!

October 10: Natonal Coming Out Day Keynote: Janet Mock
The Office Diversity and Inclusion and the Student Life Multicultural Center are pleased to welcome Janet Mock to campus on October 10 at 7 pm in celebration of National Coming Out Day. She will be sharing her own story of coming out, and the importance of being out as an act of advocacy. This engaging and insightful keynote presentation will take place in the Cartoon Rooms of the Ohio Union.

Janet Mock is a writer and activist who stepped onto the national stage in 2011 with a groundbreaking profile about her journey to womanhood in Marie Claire magazine. Her memoir Redefining Realness: My Path to Womanhood, Identity, Love & So Much More will be published on February 4, 2014 by Atria/Simon & Schuster. 


After stepping forward as a trans woman, Janet concentrated her efforts on speaking out about the struggles, triumphs and portrayals of girls and women like herself. In 2012, Janet founded the social media project #GirlsLikeUs which aims to raise the diverse visibility of trans women. She currently travels the country speaking about her experience of living at the intersections of identities.

Janet is a board member at the Arcus Foundation, a leading global foundation advancing pressing social justice and conservation issues, and an advisor for the {young}ist, a young people-powered media site. She has also advised programming for trans youth at the Hetrick-Martin Institute in New York.......more.

October 12: LGBTQ History Month Day of Service 
Ally Week 2013The purpose of LGBTQ History Month Day of Service is for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and allied individuals, and student organizations to link arms to strengthen our campus and Central Ohio community with a meaningful service project that will help those in need, beautify our community, build friendships, and bolster the spirits of all.

 We invite you to join us in a Day of Service on Saturday, October 12, 2013. Plan to meet us at the Multicultural Center at 10 am. We will travel together to the service site. Lunch will be provided. Dress casually and wear comfortable shoes. All participants will also receive a free t-shirt.

There is no football game this week--it's the perfect day to give back to your community--and show your Buckeye Pride in a meaningful way!   

October 15: Exploring Experiences of Queer People of Color
cool-teen-group.jpgThe Office of Diversity & Inclusion along with TransOhio, in partnership with the Student Life Multicultural Center are pleased to be hosting a panel discussion in the Ohio Union Interfaith Prayer & Reflection Room on October 15 at 3 pm entitled "Exploring the Experiences of Queer People of Color."


Students of color who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, same-gender loving, transgender, queer or who are simply questioning or exploring their current identity, will share parts of their personal stories. The event aims to contribute to the self-empowerment and visibility of people of color, and queer people and their communities at Ohio State. A primary component of the discussion will be centered on the idea that recognizes that identities as people of color and queer experiences are inseparable from one another.  The panel will discuss the joys and struggles of embracing all components of their identity and feeling comfortable expressing them on campus and beyond.


This dialogue will also address stereotypes about the LGBTQ community by sharing facts, raising awareness, and offering resources for all attendees.

Light refreshments will be served. All are welcome to attend. For more information, contact Shades or the Student Life Multicultural Center.

October 17: Spirit Day Vigil
Words HurtJoin Stonewall Columbus and other community partners on October 17 for the Spirit Day Vigil at the Goodale Park Gazebo (120 W Goodale St) at 6:30 pm in honor of LGBT youths who have taken their lives or have been severely impacted by bullying.


Wear purple to show your support. Talk to your friends, family, and co-workers. Spread the message that together we can overcome bullying. Remind LGBT teens that it DOES get better. For more information, follow this link.

October 22: Queerly, A Leap of Faith 
candle2.jpgThe Student Life Multicultural Center's LGBTQ Student Initiatives seeks to engage people of all faith traditions. This will not be a typical workshop, but a circle of sharing from a diverse panel of individuals contributing personal stories, reflections and experiences with their religious communities.


We look forward to your joining us in the Multicultural Center at 4 pm on October 22.

By centering us in our diverse and varied faiths and by reminding us of our human connections to each other-connections that cannot be severed by race, religion or sexuality--facilitators will guide us in a conversation that will open our hearts as well as our minds.


We will hear stories of struggle and healing from those with different experiences with religion, different sexual orientations and gender identities, all speaking from their own perspectives.  We come together to increase awareness and understanding of religious identities and how those intersect with our race and sexuality as we set out to celebrate and sustain our faiths.


This interactive dialogue will be an opportunity to open our hearts as well as our minds as we learn better how to love our neighbor as our self.

October 24: Happy, Healthy Homos
Every day you make decisions about your health. From the time you wake up in the morning until the time you go to bed, you make dozens of choices about eating healthy foods, mental health,  or being physically active.


Sometimes healthy choices are easy to make, like having a glass of water to quench your thirst instead of a pop. Sometimes healthy choices are more challenging to make. For example, choosing to work off stress by going for a run instead of getting into an argument with a roommate. Or negotiating safer sex with a partner instead of not using protection.


This highly interactive workshop will explain what it means to be physically active, eat healthily and have a positive self-image. Our conversation  will provide an opportunity to share tips and ideas on how you can find balance, make good choices and be a "happy, healthy, homo" here at Ohio State.

All are welcome!

REGISTER NOW  for the LGBTQ Organizing Summit!
Equality Ohio
 The Student Life Multicultural Center is pleased to be partnering with Equality Ohio to present The Statewide
LGBTQ Student Organizer Boot Camp on October 26.
The event, which is open to all college aged students from across the state, will be hosted in the Ohio Union.

The "boot camp" will be a day of grassroots activism, planning, and celebration for university students and staff involved in LGBTQ organizing and advocacy. Daytime sessions include workshops, strategy meetings, and discussion session on topics related to legislation, organizing, and advocacy - presented by and for the student and non-student organizers in Ohio's movement for full LGBTQ equality.

An evening Student LGBTQ Organizing Awards show will take place later in the evening. (Check back for more details on this!)

Wondering what you will walk away with at the end of the day?

  • Meet peers involved in campus LGBTQ organizing around Ohio and share best practices with each other
  • Learn core organizing skills from Equality Ohio and university staff trainer

Bring your self! Bring your friends! Bring your whole student organization! Register by clicking here.


For more information, contact Aliya Rahman, Field Director at Equality Ohio.



Save These Dates!
Rainbow Horizon


 November 18-22, 2013: Transgender Awareness Week


December 2, 2013 at 6 pm:  Queer Family HoliGay Dinner


January 22, 2014 at 7 pm: Gregory Cendana from the

Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance


February 11, 2014 at 7 pm: JeShawna Wholley from the

National Black Justice Coalition


LGBTQ Support on Campus at CCS
True Selves

This is a group for students who are questioning or exploring their gender identity, and students who identify as gender variant, transgender, gender queer or who use other identity labels.  The goal of the group is to provide a safe, supportive and confidential forum to talk about identity, coming out, relationships with family and friends, dating, academics, transitioning, transphobia/sexism, and other issues of interest to members.  *Facilitated by Harry Warner- warner.221@osu.edu  





Lambda Men's Group I & II

This group is for men who are oriented towards other men, regardless of identities or labels. Gay, bisexual, queer, or questioning men are welcome. It is designed as a safe place to discuss identity, community, coming out, self-esteem, relationships, homophobia/bi-phobia, and other issues of relevance.

*Facilitated by Harry Warner - (warner.221@osu.edu) and Nikki Strange (Lambda I) Erin Woike(Lambda II)


Lavender Connection

This group is for women whose sexual orientation includes attraction toward others of the same gender. Women who identify as lesbian, bisexual, queer, or questioning are welcome to join. The group offers a safe place to talk about issues that may be affecting their lives including coming out, intimate relationships, identity, homophobia/biphobia and sexism, community issues, building support systems, family issues, etc.

*Facilitated by Catherine Hanson (Hanson.133@osu.edu) and Lindsay Varkula.

Internship Opportunity

The Victory Congressional Internship is accepting applications for Spring 2014.


The Victory Institute will bring outstanding LGBTQ college students to Washington, D.C., for an intensive leadership program, including a Congressional internship with an LGBT-friendly member of Congress.


The program includes a generous stipend, housing in D.C., placement in a congressional internship and travel to/from Washington, D.C., as well as travel and registration to the LGBT Leaders 2014 Conference.


Applications for Spring 2014 are due Monday, October 28 - find out more and apply now at http://www.victoryinstitute.org/vci_application.


The Victory Congressional Internship is open to current undergraduate students of all genders, orientations, abilities, races, and political affiliations, including people with majors other than political science.

Radio Show! 
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