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September 23, 2013 

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Thanks to all those who participated in Ally Week last week, either through taking an Ally photo, or attending one of the workshops, or the keynote! The week ended on a high note, with performer Ariel Luckey presenting the audience important questions embodying the spirit of the week, and I'll ask you the same: What do you stand for? Who do you stand with? What is your unique gift? 

Now we are onto another week of thought-provoking programs. Law and Disorder Week has a series of events, programs and dialogues will explore topics that have recently come to the forefront regarding the law and how people of difference are (mis)treated. Cases such as Oscar Grant and the Zimmerman Verdict are well known, but there have been countless others. We invite the OSU community to join us as we explore these topics, create a safe place for exploration and move toward a more inclusive and informed Ohio State.

Planning for APAHM 2014 is right around the corner! If you want to share your ideas, come to our Brainstorming Bash this Wednesday! If you can't make it feel free to let us know your ideas through this Google Form

And last, but certainly not least, meet Heidi! She is a new student associate working with me here at the Student Life Multicultural Center on a number of projects.  If you were thinking there were some differences between the format of last year and this year's newsletters, you're right! Heidi's fingerprints are (literally) all over this, coming up with creative new features and streamlining the format.  

If you can't read her note above, Heidi wrote "I signed the Ally Pledge because life is about connection." 

I wholeheartedly agree. So, come visit us here in the MCC. 
We want to connect with you!



Annabelle Estera,
Intercultural Specialist


Please join us for a DISCO Meet & Greet

Friday, September 27, 2013, 3:30-5:00 p.m, 165 Thompson Library
Coffee, soft drinks, and snacks provided


This is an opportunity to meet faculty, graduate students, and staff from around campus who are interested in all aspects of diversity and identity studies. The primary purpose of this gathering is for folks to meet, make connections, and brainstorm ideas for future Diversity and Identity Studies Collective at OSU (DISCO) partnerships and events. Contact: disco@osu.edu 
Collaborative Grant
Hey student groups, got an idea for a great event and looking for more funding? Announcing the ASAM Collaborative Mini-Grant! We welcome one-time grant proposals for up to $250 for programs, events,  other activities congruent with our mission and values that demonstrate a connection to the annual MCC theme of "Transformation...What's Your Story?" and topics impacting Asian/Pacific Islander/Desi American, Asian international, and Arab communities. Programs, activities or events that also touch on such themes as diversity, social justice, interculturalism and global citizenship are welcomed as well. Get all the information here and contact Annabelle at estera.4@osu.edu for more info. The first deadline is Monday, Sept. 30 


Upcoming Events

Law and Disorder Week is a series of events, programs and dialogues that will explore topics that have recently come to the forefront regarding the law and how people of difference are (mis)treated. Cases such as Oscar Grant and the Zimmerman Verdict are well known, but there have been countless others. We invite the OSU community to join us as we explore these topics, create a safe place for exploration and move toward a more inclusive and informed Ohio State. Contact: TJ Stewart.652@osu.edu


Asian Pacific American Heritage Month (APAHM) Brainstorming Bash - September 25, 5:30pm-7:00pm

Everyone is welcome to come! This is not the Asian Pacific American Heritage Month (APAHM) planning committee, but will just be an open brainstorming session for people to contribute ideas on how we will make this year's APAHM the best yet. Bring your thinking caps, party supplies provided.


Tinikling Cultural Dance Workshop - September 25, 7:45pm 

Presented by the Pilipino Student Association, learn the dance that imitates the movement of the tikling birds as they walk between grass stems, run over tree branches, or dodge bamboo traps set by rice farmers. Dancers imitate the tikling bird's legendary grace and speed by skillfully maneuvering between large bamboo poles.  


The Role of Women in Muslim Societies - September 26, 11:30am-1:00pm

A signature luncheon at COSI feauturing Ambassador Shirin Tahir-Kheli, who served as Senior Adviser for Women's Empowerment to U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. She is a graduate of Ohio Wesleyan University and went on to earn her M.A. and Ph.D. at the University of Pennsylvania. 


SCHOCC Kick-off Meeting - September 26, 7:00pm-9:00pm 

SHOCC (Students Hosting Overseas Chinese Connection), the Chinese travel and study abroad connection, is dedicated to preparing students for traveling, studying, or working abroad in China and to reduce the likelihood of culture shock. SHOCC invites YOU to attend our first meeting of the semester! Free soup at every meeting.


Making Sense of Traditional East Asian International Relations - September 27, 11:30am-12:30pm

The Institute for Korean Studies, in co-sponsorship with and the Institute for Chinese Studies and the Department of History, are honored to host Dr. Kirk Larsen for a talk in 173 Mendenhall Lab, where we will examine the idea of a China-centered "tribute system" that has exerted a powerful influence on generations of scholars and students of traditional East Asian international relations. The gap between East Asian systems of relations and their contemporaneous Western counterparts-where realpolitik and imperialism are widely accepted as integral features-is perhaps much smaller than has been previously imagined. Contact Mitch lerner.26@osu.edu


Go Green On The Saudi National Day - September 27, 5:00pm-10:00pm
The Saudi Students Organization here in the Ohio State University, will be hosting a free event at the Performance Hall, commemorating Saudi Arabia's 83rd National Day. Several characteristics of Saudi Arabian history, culture, and tourism will be recognized. An exciting and fun service includes being photographed in traditional Saudi costume at no charge. Come join us for delicious authentic snacks, deserts, and distinguished Saudi Arabian coffee all for a great time that celebrates this ethnicity... and don't forget to wear GREEN! Contact: fakhouri.2@osu.edu  


Indian Students Association: Navratri 2013 - September 27, 7:00pm

Navratri is a nine day stretch of festivity which includes traditional dances and religious ceremonies. Navratri 2013 wil be at the RPAC, which will kick off with Garba followed by Raas, is going to pack all that excitement into one night that you will remember for a long time!  


Public Lecture by Amy Waldman, Author of The Submission - October 1, 7:30pm

The Office of First Year Experience is inviting the campus community to An Evening with Amy Waldman, author of The Submission, at Mershon Auditorium.  Waldman will discuss her journey in completing The Submission, a novel that reimagines the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks from the perspective of a committee who selects a memorial design for Ground Zero.  Contact Jenna dicicco.5@osu.edu


Controversial Conversations

Sunday night Nina Davuluri, Miss New York, was crowned the winner of the 2014 Miss America Pageant. She is the first contestant of Indian descent to be crowned Miss America. When her win was announced, Twitter immediately exploded with tweets that challenged her identity as American. What can you do to stop stereotypes and racism from happening? Props to her for brushing off her detractors. In this video, starring some students from the Asian American communityOhio State Students respond to the controversy


Student Spotlight

A new section has been added to this newsletter, yay! Here, we will be letting 2 students (different students every week) share a message to the entire community. This message can be your own work or someone else's, just provide credit. You can submit a photo, video, poem, a question that can stir conversation... get creative and think outside of the rectangle. Any student reader of this newsletter is able to submit! If your submission is showcased, come to the MCC to receive a special prize! Submissions should be sent to: liou.37@osu.com 

More info: If you submit something now, it could be showcased anytime in the semester. 

Leadership Initiatives for Women of Color




Are you looking to build your social circle? OWN It!: A Retreat for Women of Color is sponsored by The Ohio State University Office of Diversity and Inclusion's Leadership Initiatives for Women of Color. We provide this annual weekend retreat to undergraduate as well as graduate and professional women of color enrolled at Ohio State so that they:

  • better understand the psycho-social challenges unique to being women of color
  • celebrate the historical and current contributions of women of color
  • enhance their self-appreciation and community-building strengths
Open to women identifying as African/African American, Asian/Asian American, Middle Eastern, Arab, Hispanic/Latina, American Indian/Indigenous.

Registration closes on October 18. Sign up at their website


Seeking Study Participants for Research Opportunity
Researchers in the School of Communication are working on a research project
examining the effect of writing on emotions and attitudes. Asian adults age 18
and over have the opportunity to participate in this study and receive up to
$5. To participate, you will be asked to complete a 15-minute online survey ($1), then attend a 1-hour laboratory session ($4).
Interested in participating? Email Mao Vang at vang.18@osu.edu!


Advancing Justice Conference


Hosted by Asian Americans Advancing Justice, the 

Advancing Justice Conference on Nov. 14 - 16 in Los Angeles, CA is the first and only national conference that focuses on civil rights and social justice in the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities. The conference brings together Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders from across the country to address issues facing these fast growing communities. It serves as a unique forum where stakeholders can learn from other community experts, discuss common challenges and opportunities, share best practices and find ways to work collaboratively. 


Newsletter Submissions
Those interested in advertising in this newsletter must submit content no later than Thursday at noon, before the week you would like your advertisement to be posted.

Please insure that your copy is no more than 100 words, that you include a .jpeg file that relates to your content, a contact person, and a link for more details if necessary. 

Email all content to estera.4@osu.edu, subject line: Newsletter Submission.

Thank you!