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September 9, 2013 

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Leadership Initiatives for Women of Color
Seeking Study Participants for Research Opportunity
Advancing Justice Conference
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This past weekend, I was at the leadership retreat for the Asian American Association. I was inspired by their energy, ambition, creativity, and drive to better themselves as individuals, and as an organization. 


I watched the group come together to define their goals and have honest conversations about their group. Just like me, they see themselves as a resource and voice for the community and have high expectations for themselves and this year. They have so much in store and I can't wait to see it get all set into motion! 


Take note of their general body meetings to make your voice heard and share what you want to hear. Their first one is on Wednesday, Sept. 18.



 (What a great bunch of people!)

And just a reminder to support our friends as we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month throughout the month of September. The Student Life Multicultural Center and partners across campus have a wonderful month planned!



Annabelle Estera,
Intercultural Specialist



Do you find yourself wondering... Are Asians privileged? Is it okay for Selena Gomez to wear a bindi? Why are there so many Asians on YouTube, and why are they so popular? Where are all the Asians in professional sports? Why are there so many Asians in the STEM fields?


Want to talk about...Interracial dating and sexuality? International Asians and Asian Americans? Navigating career choices as an Asian or Asian American? Asians in the media? Asians in politics?


Then come to "Chew On This." We want to dialogue with you! Meet other students from around campus, as well as staff, faculty, and community members. At this first meeting, we want to hear what topics you want to explore throughout the year. Lunch is offered at no cost, but space is limited. 

Upcoming Events
September is packed with events, so 
I challenge you to try something new and attend one of the following! 
(Pssttt....Want your organization's event publicized here? 
Email me at estera.4@osu.edu at least one week prior to your event!)


KLIC Cultural Event, Running Man - September 11, 6:00-8:00pm

The Korean Language and Immersion Club (KLIC)'s cultural event is here! Modeled after the Korean variety show called "Running Man", this meeting at Enarson Classroom Building 230 will be a great chance to make new friends of similar interests.   

Author Visit, Dr. Reza Aslan - September 11, 7:30pm

Dr. Reza Aslan, an internationally acclaimed writer and scholar of religions, is the founder of AslanMedia.com, an online journal for news and entertainment about the Middle East and the world. See link for ticketing information.


SASA Bharatanatyam Dance Workshop - September 12, 6:00-8:00pm

No dance experience required! Learn a classical Indian dance, create an amazing experience, and have a great time with friends!


Urdu Club: Chai Aur Mithai! - September 14, 5:00pm
The Urdu Club is having their kick-off event! So if you want to learn more about our upcoming events, socialize and hangout with new/old friends, and also enjoy good traditional sweets, make sure you put that traditional attire on and come to the Student Alumni Council room on the 2nd floor of the Ohio Union at 5.


AID Fresher's Party - September 14, 5:30-7:30pm

One big challenge faced by all non-profit organizations is funding. AID has a rigorous review process through which we select the most potent NGOs over diverse social issues. Come for food, fun and changing lives.  


Chew On This - September 16, Noon-1:00PM

Dine and dialogue alongside Asian/Asian American community members on a new topic each month. Join us at the MCC for the first meeting and learn about student organizations, academic departments, and offices that serve as resources to Asian/Asian American students. All are welcome, lunch provided!

Asian American Association General Body Meetings - September 18, 6:00-7:00pm

Come to the Student Alumni Council Room to meet AAA's executive board, share some ideas, learn about the inner workings, and connect with us at our general body meetings.


Art of Recycling - September 18, 4:00pm

Coca-Cola and Ohio State's Office of Student Life will present a competition which invites students to create works of art from recycled materials. Whatever your artistic ability, join us at the RPAC to meet many student sustainability organizations and learn more about recycling opportunities both on campus and in the city of Columbus. 


Owning Our Stories: Building Our Sisterhood

Whether you're new to campus or returning for your final semester, establishing yourself far from home or "from just around the corner"- we hope you'll join us for "Owning Our Stories: Building Our Sisterhood."

Together, Leadership Initiatives for Women of Color and the Student Life Multicultural Center have planned an evening of lighthearted activities to increase your sister circles.  You'll meet others-undergraduates, graduate and professional students, faculty and staff - who are committed to creating safe and supportive spaces for women of color here at OSU.
Of course there will be good music, food and at least two raffles, so you know you'll have a great time!  We hope to see you on Tuesday, September 17, 2013 at the Student Life Multicultural Center.  We'll get started at 5:45pm, but no worries - if you're a little later than that, we'll be there until 7:45pm.

Looking forward to building with you!
Seeking Study Participants for Research Opportunity
Writing and Emotions
Recruitment Announcement

Researchers in the School of Communication are working on a research project
examining the effect of writing on emotions and attitudes. Asian adults age 18
and over have the opportunity to participate in this study and receive up to
$5. To participate, you will be asked to complete a 15-minute online survey ($1), then attend a 1-hour laboratory session ($4).
Interested in participating? Email Mao Vang at vang.18@osu.edu!


Advancing Justice Conference




Hosted by Asian Americans Advancing Justice, the Advancing Justice Conference 
is the first and only national conference that focuses on civil rights and social justice in the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities. The conference brings together Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders from across the country to address issues facing these fast growing communities. It serves as a unique forum where stakeholders can learn from other community experts, discuss common challenges and opportunities, share best practices and find ways to work collaboratively. 

Nov. 14 - 16

Los Angeles, CA