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August 28, 2013 
Month, Year - Vol 1, Issue 1
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"She got her affairs in order and made sure someone would be able to care of her children if she was killed. Two young boys. Had Vicki watch them that day and her oldest packed her lunch for the ride. She was going to DC. To March. This isn't a line from a book. This is real life... About my Nana. 50 years ago, she was there. Today is for her and the many others who marched for what they believed in. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"-Adrienne


The quote above is a facebook status from a friend of mine...and I have to tell you, it stopped me in my tracks this morning. Fifty years ago today, hundreds of thousands of people gathered in Washington, D.C. to march for the civil and economic rights of African Americans. There, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. gave what is likely the most famous speech of the 20th century. I, like many of you, have been watching the news and clips of the "I Have a Dream" speech....and yet, for me, it was this simple tribute to her Nana that makes me swallow hard. Bravery. Courage. Strength. These are words that resonate and leave me quietly reflective this afternoon.


I find myself taking stock of how far America has come, and how far we still have to go. The fight for jobs, living wages and economic freedom is ongoing. Some policies have changed, but in so many places, practices have not. Racial injustice continues to prevail on both individual and institutional levels. Just over the last few months, our country seems to be simultaneously missing the mark (Voting Rights Act) and making progress (Defense of Marriage Act: DOMA and Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals: DACA).


The struggle for social justice, for civil rights, for all oppressed groups requires that we all step forward. For me, today is a reminder that this work that we do together, these conversations we have, are hard--but we must build community together. And it requires bravery, courage and strength. And it requires that we raise our voices.


Looking for ways to get involved? Volunteer to help pass the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA). Connect with those working to support DACA students. Get involved in the Student Cohort groups through the Multicultural Center. There are many opportunities available!


In Pride, Solidarity & Community,

Angie Wellman

Angie Wellman 2012    






Angie Wellman, MSE, PCC

Intercultural Specialist

 Multicultural Center, Office of Student Life



August 28:  SHADES Meetings
Shades at OSUSHADES is hosting a meeting on Wednesday, August 28th.  The group discussion will be centered on identities and various LGBTQ terms, how to go about asking others how they identify, communities and belonging, as well as a resource guide. Please bring questions and friends! This will be in the Barbie Tootle Room of the Ohio Union from 8-10pm.


That Saturday (August 31st), they are also hosting "Bring It Back" (to School) Social at Stonewall Columbus (1160 N High St Columbus, OH 43201) 7-10pm. There is a $1 suggested donation. (Theme of the evening TBD.) Afterwards, if you'd like to stick around, we may grab something to eat and/or go out somewhere. This is also a 3-day weekend (Labor Day), so come out and have fun with us!


SHADES has a couple of leadership positions still open that they would like to fill: Secretary and Community/Outreach Chair. The Secretary's primary responsibilities are to send out emails keeping the membership informed along with occasional reminders, and updating our Facebook. The Community/Outreach Chair helps create, but mostly maintain, connections across campus, Columbus, and other organizations in the state that are important to our organization. If you are interested or even simply curious but afraid of just how much commitment may be required of you, please let us know! Remember that our executive board is a group effort, and we help each other out whenever needed. For more information, email shades.osu@gmail.com.

September 5:  Coming Out Together 
Coming Out Together The Student Life Multicultural Center in partnership with Counseling and Consultation are pleased to offer a a series of workshops entitled "Coming Out Together" on the 1st and 3 3rd Thursday of the month at 4 pm.

Let us support you with this series of workshops designed to empower you in deciding what coming out means to you. This program is designed to present ideas about coming out followed by an opportunity for discussion.


All are welcome and will find benefit in this series at any stage of the coming out process. You may have heard that "coming out" is a life-long process.  Whether you're deciding if its right for you to come out for the first time or the 100th time, we are here for you.


This series is open to all undergrad and graduate students. Please join us for this new opportunity for self-exploration and rich discovery. All gatherings will take place in the Multicultural Center, located in Suite 1000 of the Ohio Union.

September 6:  LGBTQ Career Development Forum
Rainbow Swirl Biz

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion, with co-sponsorship from the College of Arts and Sciences, the Graduate School, the Office of Student Life's Multicultural Center, and Sexuality Studies, is hosting a day-long career development forum to provide career-planning information and support for LGBTQ undergraduate, graduate, and professional students.  


The forum will address issues of workplace equality unique to LGBTQ students and connect them to resources and role models they need as they consider a range of employment options across the country.  We invite students to join us for the LGBTQ Career Development Forum on Friday, September 6, 2013, 9AM - 5PM at Hale Hall (154 W 12th Ave) to engage faculty and other professionals around job-related questions and experiences.

Contact: clyburn.7@osu.edu

For more details and to register: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/LGBTQForum

September 9:  Queers & Allies 
Rainbow Boa Q&A is targeted toward second year students and above. The group is dedicated to community building, education, service, and social activities to foster an environment of understanding, respect, and unity between the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning community and the larger community with the direct support and assistance of straight allies.

Looking for a way to connect with other LGBTQ students on campus? This group is for you!

Were you in the First Year Cohort last year? This group is for you!

Looking to get involved in social justice work related to queer issues? This group is for you! 

All are welcome to attend; no RSVP is necessary. Just show up!

Queers & Allies meet every Monday night at 6 pm in the Multicultural Center, located in the Ohio Union.

September 9: First Year Cohort
Cohort The LGBTQ First Year Cohort is offered to first year and transfer students. It is also an excellent resource for students who are coming out.  The group meets every Monday night at 8 pm in the Multicultural Center, located in the Ohio Union.

This program exists to build community and engage lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning & queer students in social, support and educational experiences. Student leaders help to facilitate each session, plan social outings, coordinate small groups discussions and serve as mentors to group participants.

All are welcome to attend. No need to RSVP--just show up!

September 16: Selfies for Social Justice: Ally Week Kick-Off
Ally WeekAlly Week is an initiative that seeks to reach out to the entire Ohio State campus community in an effort to encourage students, staff and faculty to "Build CommUNITY" with and on behalf of people who are of a different race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religious or spiritual identity, gender identity/expression, socioeconomic class, or other identity different than their own.


Each of the week's events and programs are heavily focused on the themes of awareness, education and action. Ally Week sponsors, The Student Life Multicultural Center, Greek Life and University Residences, are invested in working with the Ohio State community to share the information and tools necessary for everyone to actively participate as an "ally" to members of our campus and Central Ohio community.


Join us beginning on Monday, September 16 at Noon 4-8 pm in the Multicultural Center to Pose for an Ally Week Photo explaining why you stand as an ally to a person, or a group, who is different from you, and to learn more about the different programs and activities you can get involved in during this week.

Selfies for Social Justice--Make your statement!

September 17:  How to Be an Ally

Multicultural HandsThe "Becoming an Ally" workshop provides a space to explore how to be supportive and respectful to each other across identities and experiences, and to ask questions and engage in conversation.


The discussion will take place on September 17 in the Interfaith Room of the Ohio Union from 6-8 pm.


Come to this workshop to:

  • Explore different social identities
  • Think critically about institutional racism
  • Learn about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) communities
  • Discuss faith and spirituality
  • Recognize privilege, and discover how to address it

Participants will leave the training with newfound awareness and concrete strategies that can be used toward making our campus and larger communities more welcoming and affirming for everyone.  Resource materials and Ally buttons will be provided.  Light refreshments will be served. All are welcome to attend!

September 18:  The View at OSU
Group Themes such as oppression, difference, and interconnectedness will come to the forefront during this lively panel discussion, "The View at OSU" that will take place in the Great Hall Meeting Room One of The Ohio Union on September 18 from 7-9 pm.

Students will share their perspectives and personal experiences as African-American, Asian, LGBT, Latino, Jewish, and Mixed Race students on our campus. Panelists will also discuss ideas that, if implemented, can help participants create safe and inclusive spaces in our residence halls and classrooms.

Attendees will leave this dialogue with newfound awareness of different identity groups at Ohio State, along with concrete strategies that can be used toward making our campus and larger communities more welcoming and affirming for everyone.

Resource materials and Ally buttons will be provided. All are welcome to attend!

September 19:  Ally Week Keynote: Ariel Luckey

In Celebration of Ally Week 2013 and Hispanic/Latino Heritage month, The Student Life Multicultural Center, in partnership with University Residences and Greek Life, are pleased to present Ariel Luckey at 7 pm on September 19 in the US Bank Conference Theater of the Ohio Union.


Mixing performance poetry, interactive exercises and live hip hop music in a multimedia presentation, Ariel Luckey invites his audiences to reflect on the dynamics of power and privilege in their personal lives and communities. In this highly engaging performance that will feature his powerful poem "ID Check", Luckey will be sharing stories of heartbreaking injustice and inspiring alliance building that provide opportunities for critical dialogue and cultural capacity building.

Ariel Luckey is a nationally acclaimed poet, actor and playwright whose performance and community work dances in the crossroads of education, art and activism.

Born and raised in Oakland, California, Ariel was named a "Visionary" by the Utne Reader for the innovation and quality of his first solo show "Free Land". Commissioned by the National Performance Network in partnership with La Peña Cultural Center and the White Privilege Conference, Free Land has toured across the country at over 50 theaters and universities. Ariel has been a featured artist at the Berkeley Repertory Theatre, the National Conference on Race and Ethnicity, the Nuyorican Poets Café and Café Cantante in Havana, Cuba.

The Gerbode and Hewlett Foundations recently awarded Ariel a 2012 Playwright Commission to create and produce his new play "Amnesia", in collaboration with La Peña Cultural Center. Ariel sees his creative work in the world as an extension of his most precious and important work as father to his two sons.

This event is free and open to all. For more information, contact Indra Leyva or Angie Wellman in the Student Life Multicultural Center.

September 21: Ohio Lesbian Festival
There are many groups for LGBTQ students 
The Student Life Multicultural Center is proud to be a sponsor of this year's Ohio Lesbian Festival.  Wondering what it is?

Fabulous performers and amazing music

Talking and connecting with other women

Workshops ranging from hula hooping and dog training to gender discussions and self defense Movies, merchants, games, arm wrestling, bonfires, food and so much more....

The Ohio Lesbian Festival held each year in Kirkersville, Ohio is a non-profit, volunteer-driven event designed to promote women's community building, creativity, and art.

The Festival recognizes in the world at large that heterosexism and misogyny are the norm, and women need opportunities and spaces to recognize and support one another, to define our culture, to find our own strengths, and to be renewed and empowered.


A group will be leaving campus together at 10 am to travel to the Festival. Limited free tickets for students are available from the Student Life Multicultural Center.

Email Angie Wellman to inquire about availability or additional questions. Visit the event website for more information.

September 22: Queer Compass
Pride 2013.2Queer Compass, to be held in the Multicultural Center on Sunday, September 22 from 3-7 pm, is an orientation to the Ohio State lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer & questioning community for both undergraduate and graduate students.

The Queer Compass is designed to help first year, transfer, returning, and graduate students navigate queer campus life. Additionally, students are able to get connected with campus and community resources, have an opportunity to ask questions about the climate on campus, connect with one another, and build community.


There will be lots of laughs, ice breakers, free food, and friends to be made. We look forward to meeting you!

All LGBTQ or Questioning students are welcome.

REGISTER NOW  for the LGBTQ Organizing Summit!
Equality Ohio
 The Student Life Multicultural Center is pleased to be partnering with Equality Ohio to present The Statewide
LGBTQ Student Organizer Boot Camp on October 26.
The event, which is open to all college aged students from across the state, will be hosted in the Ohio Union.

The "boot camp" will be a day of grassroots activism, planning, and celebration for university students and staff involved in LGBTQ organizing and advocacy. Daytime sessions include workshops, strategy meetings, and discussion session on topics related to legislation, organizing, and advocacy - presented by and for the student and non-student organizers in Ohio's movement for full LGBTQ equality.

An evening Student LGBTQ Organizing Awards show will take place later in the evening. (Check back for more details on this!)

Wondering what you will walk away with at the end of the day?

  • Meet peers involved in campus LGBTQ organizing around Ohio and share best practices with each other
  • Learn core organizing skills from Equality Ohio and university staff trainer

Bring your self! Bring your friends! Bring your whole student organization! Register by clicking here.


For more information, contact Aliya Rahman, Field Director at Equality Ohio.



Save These Dates!
Rainbow Horizon


October is LGBTQ History Month!


October 10, 2013 at 7 pm: Natonal Coming Out Day Keynote, Janet Mock


 November 18-22, 2013: Transgender Awareness Week


December 2, 2013 at 6 pm:  Queer Family HoliGay Dinner


January 22, 2014 at 7 pm: Gregory Cendana from the

Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance


February 11, 2014 at 7 pm: JeShawna Wholley from the

National Black Justice Coalition

LGBTQ Support on Campus at CCS
True Selves

This is a group for students who are questioning or exploring their gender identity, and students who identify as gender variant, transgender, gender queer or who use other identity labels.  The goal of the group is to provide a safe, supportive and confidential forum to talk about identity, coming out, relationships with family and friends, dating, academics, transitioning, transphobia/sexism, and other issues of interest to members.  *Facilitated by Diana Ong - ong.39@osu.edu  





Lambda Men's Group I & II

This group is for men who are oriented towards other men, regardless of identities or labels. Gay, bisexual, queer, or questioning men are welcome. It is designed as a safe place to discuss identity, community, coming out, self-esteem, relationships, homophobia/bi-phobia, and other issues of relevance.

*Facilitated by Harry Warner - (warner.221@osu.edu) and Erin Higgenbothem (Lambda I) Sarah Carnahan (Lambda II)


Lavender Connection

This group is for women whose sexual orientation includes attraction toward others of the same gender. Women who identify as lesbian, bisexual, queer, or questioning are welcome to join. The group offers a safe place to talk about issues that may be affecting their lives including coming out, intimate relationships, identity, homophobia/biphobia and sexism, community issues, building support systems, family issues, etc.

*Facilitated by Diana Ong (ong.39@osu.edu) and Mae MacIntire (macintire.1@osu.edu)