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Mother's Day Ideas  



Mother's Day is May 11th, and if you're wanting to step outside the greeting card rut and maybe make something she'll cherish forever, check out a few of these clever ideas:



Are you busy?


Our market is moving, and we're seeing more and more multiple offer situations coming through our office.  Check out this helpful list of ways to make your offer stand out in the crowd. 


We'll be ready to help you when it closes! 



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A Happier Office...

Happy Face Increased productivity, higher profitability and less sick time:  these are the results of a happy workplace.  If you're wondering what your role can be to assure more joy in your office, click here to read these helpful tips.
Another Bubble?

white-home-sm.jpgAs the market churns along, one can't help but wonder if there's another real estate bubble on the rise.  Check out this article to see what might be cooking in the Pacific Northwest and the rest of the U.S.

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