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Managing Conflict
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Healthy Summer Snacks 


If the ice cream trucks and barbecues are starting to take their toll on your physique, then it might be time to get some healthy snacks on the agenda before the summer ends.  Click here for some great under-100-calorie snacks that will keep you in swimsuit shape for your winter holiday.



fair It's time again for the Clark County Fair!

Summer is at its peak, which means it's time for a great display of so many of things that make our area a great place to live.  This year, the fair will have everything from farm animals to business displays, with some great performers thrown in!

Happy August, and we'll see you at the fair!



Your Friends at Clark County Title


What's the deal?

Somehow, "making a deal" has gotten negative connotations in the world of real estate.  But is building and negotiating a deal really a negative?  Take pride in deal-building -- and read more about defending and nurturing the deal process here.
Dealing with Dragons

dragon Last month we had an article about creatively dealing with conflict, but this month we're posting about dealing with those people who refuse to "deal gracefully with others," also known as "dragons."  When you're faced with the fire-breathing worst, check out this article for some good ideas on how to manage the situation.
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