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Getting referrals from Facebook
Mother's Day is May 12th
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Mt. St. Helens - 23 Years Since Rebirth 

  visitors center   

If you haven't taken a trip up to the Mountain in the last few years, you'll be amazed by the changes that have occurred.  The visitor's centers will be in full-swing starting this month, so plan a weekend trip with the family

mt st helens after Greetings!

This coming month marks 23 years since Mt. St. Helens erupted.  For those of us who lived through the experience, we've learned that being resilient is a trait of nature.


As our market continues to improve, Clark County Title is ready to grow alongside you.  We're proud that our community (and our nation) continues to move forward despite tragedies and obstacles.  


And if you need further examples of "beauty from ashes," take a weekend roadtrip up to the mountain this summer (see article, at left).  You'll be amazed at how much it's changed!  




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Getting referrals from Facebook

If you're not quite sure how Facebook should work for you (aside from being a fun way to pass the extra time you don't have), read this article.  You may be missing out on some of the best referrals that your friends and family can give you!
Mother's Day is May 12th!

It's that time again, so don't wait until last minute!  There are hundreds of great ideas for things to make or do for mom, so start planning now! 

Not prepared (or skilled enough) to make breakfast in bed?  Select an area restaurant for Mother's Day brunch... but make your reservations early!  They'll fill up!
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