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Sure, you could go to the store and just buy a couple of boxes of regular Valentine's cards -- but maybe this is the year to do something different that will brighten up all of your Valentine's days!  Click the links below for some clever ideas:

Hearts and flowers and unexpected surprises:  it's what Valentine's Day is all about.  Looking for some clever hints for original ways to express your love to the ones you care about most?  Read our article in the left column!

At Clark County Title, we wish you all the best for a productive (and love-filled) month!

Happy Valentine's Day!


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A Real Estate Crystal Ball

crystal ball Would you love to know what 2013 is going to bring for the real estate market?  Well, you're not the only one.  Nobody knows the future, but you can read this article for some interesting "educated predictions" about where our economy will take the real estate market this year. 
Loans on Land

If it seems like there is limitless opportunity out there waiting for bare land developers, you might be wondering what is holding them back.  In this article, read about the challenges facing those who wish to finance bare land for large projects.  If you don't know the hurdles to be faced -- it's hard to jump over them!
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