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August 20, 2011

A Message from Sarah Groen-Colyn

  Simple Cross 


What a life-changing outpouring of God's power and love we shared together just four weeks ago at the Wheaton MPCS! His faithfulness to us is more than my finite human mind can comprehend; joy and gratitude for the time we shared together continue to expand in my soul. When I am in my morning prayer time, or pause at a challenging moment in my day to place my hand on my chest and affirm, "There is Another who lives in me," I am deeply blessed to know that many of you are doing the same. It changes me to know that you, my brothers and sisters in Christ, are practicing His presence in California and North Carolina and Poland and New Zealand and wherever you are! All of God is in every place, and Christ has made His home within each of us - praise be to God our Father, Son, and Holy Spirit!


It is my desire to encourage you today. Allow God to draw you into the simple pleasures of your daily life, especially by enjoying His creation. Persevere in your times of prayer, particularly in practicing His presence moment by moment, affirming that Christ is in you and you are in Christ.   Take action on the step God is calling you to today, in pursuing a prayer partner or group, continuing your study of Leanne Payne's books, or whatever Word you hear in your practice of listening obedience. He will give you all you need, and the rewards are indescribably glorious! I also desire to thank you for your prayers for the MPC team. God is graciously granting us all we need to serve Him in this vital ministry, and your generous prayers for us are an essential means through which Christ's body is continually formed among us. I thank God for each one of you and am blessed to hold you in prayer.


Lord our God, build your Church and bless your people - alleluia and amen!




With much love in Christ,


Sarah Groen-Colyn 






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Thank you and

God bless you! 

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