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June 10, 2011

A Message from Sile Ellison-NiChionna 


SileI attended my first PCM School in a castle in Germany in 1991, being held at the YWAM base in Hurlach. I was a missionary at the time, serving with the International Catholic Programme of Evangelization (ICPE) in Germany. Leanne came one morning during the PCM school and sat down where I and a couple of others were eating breakfast. During our conversation we discovered we had a mutual friend, Cecil Kerr of the Christian Renewal Center in Northern Ireland, a man who tirelessly worked to bring reconciliation in and through Christ between Catholics and Protestants. (It was at the Christian Renewal Center that I learned to relate with and pray with Christians from other denominations, especially evangelicals, and began to understand some of the underlying issues in the huge rift between them.)  I didn't know it at the time but this connection with Leanne was to have a profound impact on my life!


I come from Dublin, Ireland, one of seven children. I studied Dietetics and Nutrition in college and then worked as a Dietitian in Northern Ireland for a couple of years. I joined the ICPE mission in 1988 and moved to Germany in 1990. While I was struggling through a season of depression, the leaders of the mission thought it would help me to attend the PCM School. I came away from the week energized and excited about much of what I experienced and learned but did not feel much different on the inside. In 1993, Leanne and a full PCM team came to our mission base in the Black Forest to hold a PCM School. Many of them arrived a week early to enjoy the beauty of our surroundings and recover from jet-lag before the PCM. It was a wonderful time of reconnecting with Leanne and getting to know the team members. And this time I was able to receive much more in ministry especially when I received prayer for sense of being. I didn't know I needed it but it was one of the key prayers for me in my life, and God has been continuing to minister to me in this area ever since.


After I left the mission, God orchestrated things so that I ended up in San Diego, CA, where I studied massage therapy. I moved to Wheaton in 1999 and have been working here as a massage therapist since then. I started to help out in the PCM office in 2000 and eventually was overseeing all the administrative work for the Wheaton PCM Schools. It has been such a joy for me to be involved in PCM in this way as well as to be involved in the prayer team since 1995. I consider it a great privilege to have worked so closely with Leanne all these years. I am very grateful to God that I have received so deeply from her ministry and teachings and indeed from her friendship.


All through my life I had a desire to be married, but, sensing that I needed healing in my deep heart before I could really enter into a marriage I prayed in my late 20's "Lord I don't want to marry the wrong person. I am willing to wait for the right man and trust you to bring him into my life." I didn't know that it would be another 20 years before God brought that "right man" into my life! In 2009, I married John Ellison whom I met through PCM. John was ordained an Anglican priest earlier this year. God is so faithful!


I look forward to the Pastoral Care School in July and to seeing all that God will do in our midst.




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