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October 18, 2013
Issue No. 17
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AEF Member Photo 
Britt Roskey and horse

The AEF is always looking for photos of its members and their equine partners safely enjoying time together. Send us your photo and it might get featured in an upcoming publication!

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Ride & Drive Program
Ride and Drive

The AEF Ride and Drive program is a great program to keep equestrians motivated and staying active! Simply register for the program and receive your very own Ride and Drive Log book, and pen, and start logging the hours you spend in the saddle or driving your horse to win some great prizes! The hours you log never expire as long as you keep your Ride and Drive subscription active. There is no age restriction for this program - It is for the young and the young at heart!    


You can now submit your hours online by completing and emailing the form on the Ride and Drive website. 

For more details, to register and to find out what great prizes you can earn please visit our website  


Live Outside The Box
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Are you 7-15 year old or do you know an AEF member who is 7-15 years old and Want a chance to win a Camcorder, a digital camera or an ipod!?

Dust off those boots, get outside and have some fun with a horse. You could win some great prizes for doing just that. We want you to spend less time in front of the TV and computer and spend more time outside being active. Less Screen Time and More Horse Time = Great Prizes! It's that easy!

This creative program has stirred up a lot of interest and enthusiasm over the years. AEF members from all over Alberta aged 7-15 are leaving the TV and computer behind and getting out and spending more time with their horse. Not surprisingly we receive a lot of support from parents too! Young members keep track of how they are spending their time this year from April 1st until September 30th of each year and win great prizes. You don't even have to own a horse to participate! If you are 7-15 years old and want to Live Outside the Box!


Click here for more information

Click here to download the 2013 registration form  

Want to learn to ride English/ Western?
The English Learn to Ride 1-8 and Western Learn to Ride 1-4 programs are excellent programs that allow individuals to learn to ride these disciplines with an EC certified coach. Riders can be recreational riders or with the intention of becoming competitive riders as well!


GET RIDING TODAY!! Contact one of our Equine Canada certified Western or English coaches and enroll in the Learn to Ride program of your choice!!

Click here for more details about these programs.

Click here for a list of certified English coaches. 

Click here for a list of certified Western coaches. 


For questions regarding these programs please contact the AEF Coaching Administrator at

AEF Trail Supporter Program

The Alberta Equestrian Trail Supporter Program provides recreational riders the opportunity to support a funding initiative which addresses local, regional and provincial needs. By joining the Trail Supporter Program, you can help. The annual trail supporter fee is $35.00. These funds are used for trail development to provide facilities such as high lines, toilets, fire rings, signage, wells for stock watering, trail bridges, etc.



P'tit Trot

P'tit Trot is a riding book designed for children 5 years of age and over.
It is also a teaching program which allows children to learn the basics of English and Western riding with a horse or a pony, and to understand its world.
Generously illustrated and divided into four levels, P'tit Trot's amusing comments and the presence of fun characters makes initiation to riding simple. Everything has been done to help children discover on their own the ABC's of riding and basic care of horses and ponies.
However, the child can simultaneously explore riding at an equestrian centre, under the supervision of a qualified professional. An instructor will help the student learn all the notions presented in each chapter of the book. The instructor validates the knowledge acquired by presenting the child with a diploma for each level completed: bronze horseshoe; silver horseshoe; gold horseshoe; platinum horseshoe.

For more Information, visit: P'tit Trot webpage 

or to order: go to our online store

Alberta Equestrian Federation
Suite 100, 251 Midpark Blvd SE
Calgary, AB   T2X 1S3
Fax:  403-252-5260 


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Proudly made in Canada, EquineLUX English saddle pads are designed to provide; efficient sweat absorption and evaporation, improved saddle fit, and protection for the horse's back, optimal cushioning and reliable grip in the seating area, and functional and aesthetic design, thus representing the next generation of the English saddle pads. 


EquineLUx saddle pads and half-pads are manufactured from the best quality organic and synthetic materials such as 3-Dimensional Spacer, 100% cotton fabrics, Merino sheepskin, poly-fiber filling, non-slip mesh textile and genuine leather. 


Available in a variety of Jumper, Hunter, Dressage and Endurance styles.



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pectoral abcess
Pigeon fever often produces mild fever and pectoral abscesses that give an appearance similar to a pigeon's protruding breast.

With the recent diagnosis of more than 10 horses with Pigeon Fever in Southern Alberta please use the links below to familiarize yourself with the clinical signs and treatment of this bacterial infection, named for the common symptom of abscesses and resulting swelling in the chest area giving the horse a "pigeon-breasted" appearance.


Alberta Stables Initiative Stables Seminar & Forums 2013
ASI logo


The Alberta Stables Initiative (ASI) is hosting two important forums in the fall of 2013. These will be two part meetings, starting with an information session by industry expert Randy Fedorak, followed by a feedback forum for stable owners.

The forums will be used to openly discuss, with the stable industry, content being created for a Standards of Operation manual. The public consultation will help generate the content required for this manual. These manuals will be available for any current or future stable owner/operator in Alberta. Anticipated date of completion for the manual is May of 2014.

Upcoming Dates & Locations:

  • Farmfair International, Room 107A Northlands, November 8th, 2013, 11:00am - 1:30pm

There is no cost for these sessions and all stable owners and operators are encouraged to attend. Refreshments and materials will be provided and guests over the age of 16 are welcome. Registration is required. For more info and to register please visit: 


The Alberta Stables Initiative was officially launched in 2009 with the goal of developing a professional association to address the many economic and demographic challenges that stable operators face in Alberta. It is a collaborative project of the Horse Industry Association of Alberta (HIAA), the Alberta Equestrian Federation (AEF) and the Horse Industry Section of Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development (AARD).                  


Upcoming Clinics/Courses - Mark your calendars


Upcoming NCCP Courses for Fall!


 NCCP Equestrian Theory Course - Fall 

Maximum 20 spots. First come first serve basis.

  • November 2/3, 2013 Calgary/Okotoks
NOTE: This course is very strongly recommended prior to Coach Evaluation, and prior to Instructor Evaluation, and for already certified coaches for updating hours 


Includes the following modules:

  • Equestrian Teaching and Learning
  • Planning an Equestrian Lesson
  • Analyzing Beginner Equestrian Performance
  • Making Ethical Decisions

EC National Steward & Dressage Stewards Clinic

Equine Canada Logo  

At the National Stewards clinic, registrants will be hosted by Neil Ratledge, FEI Jumper Steward, EC Senior General Steward and EC Senior Dressage. Ratledge is also chair of Equine Canada Stewards Committee and has acted as an FEI Steward at International competitions in North America, including Spruce Meadows and the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.


At the Dressage Stewards clinic, registrants will be hosted by Linda Miller, FEI Dressage Steward, EC Senior General Steward, EC Senior Dressage Steward and EC Para Senior Steward. Miller has acted as an FEI Steward at International competitions in Canada.


The Clinics will be held at the Delta Vancouver Airport Hotel November 16-17, 2013.  Registrants will be provided all material on a Flash Drive and must bring a laptop computer.


Current Equine Canada licensed stewards may use this clinic for updating or upgrading purposes. This clinic will be a transition and will be used for Jumper Specific and General Stewarding upgrading or refreshing.  Prospective stewards, coaches and competitors are welcome to attend this clinic, and may list it as part of a future application for EC General Steward status.  EC certified Instructors and Coaches may count this clinic for 6 hours of updating


For more information and registration forms visit:

National Stewards Clinic - November 16, 2013 

 Dressage Stewards Clinic - November 17, 2013 

Equine Canada is pleased to announce two new national annual awards recognizing excellence in individual and organizational horse stewardship. 


The Boehringer Ingelheim-Equine Canada Horse Health and Welfare Award recognizes an individual or organization that has for an extended period of time, contributed directly to the improvement of horse health and welfare.  


The Equine Canada Horse Health and Welfare Stewardship Award recognizes an individual who has on a single occasion or multiple occasions demonstrated exeptional compassion for a horse at a grass-roots level.


As an organization dedicated to the horse and horse industry, Equine Canada considers the health and welfare of the horse one of its highest priorities. Its mission is to be the dedicated national voice for the horse, serving, promoting and protecting their best interests. One of its core values is recognizing this responsibility as an overarching goal and the recognition of horse welfare as paramount.

"Boehringer Ingelheim is excited to expand our partnership with Equine Canada with the Horse Health and Welfare Award," states Jennifer Verhulst-Loch, equine product manager. "We are pleased to support organizations or individuals that contribute directly to the improvement of horse health and welfare in Canada."

The awards are an integral part of Equine Canada's new Equine Lifecycle Management Policy and Program.

"The Policy and the Program aim to develop a balanced, dynamic horse population with maximum potential for excellence in horse stewardship," states Dr. John McNie, DVM and co-chair of EC's Horse Health and Welfare Committee. "These awards serve to advance the Policy by recognizing excellence in individual and organizational stewardship."

The call for nominations is now open and complete details on the awards criteria can be found at under Downloads or on the Horse Health and Welfare section under Awards.

The deadline for nominations is December 5, 2013. For more information you can also write


Recognize a young person for making a difference
Nominations are now open for the Government of Alberta's 2014 Great Kids Award


For the 14th year, the Alberta government will present the Great Kids Award to recognize Alberta's children and youth for their outstanding determination, generosity, and compassion. Investing in youth is one way the Alberta government is investing in families and communities to build a better Alberta.


 "The Great Kids Award recognizes young people who do great things - at home, at school and in their community. We want to celebrate the many special young Albertans, who make a positive difference and inspire others to reach their full potential and help build a better Alberta."

- Dave Hancock, Minister of Human Services

Sixteen award winners and all nominees will be honoured at a special ceremony in Edmonton. Award recipients will receive a trophy and prize package donated by IBM and Fantasyland Hotel.

Great kids aged 5 to 18 can be nominated. The nomination deadline is December 9, 2013 at 4:00 p.m.


For more information and to receive a nomination form, visit  or call 780-415-8150 (toll-free by first dialing 310-0000).

Equine Canada

A new Equitation Pilot has been developed for implementation in 2014 Competition.


For the 2014 competition season, it is proposed that there be a separate division for these age groups who compete in an equitation class AND either Training OR First level dressage tests.  These will be Bronze level classes.


This division can be offered at all types of competitions (Development or club, Bronze, Silver and Gold).  In prize lists, it should be called "Equitation Pilot".  The prize list should also specify which Training or First Level dressage test is to be used in the equitation pilot.  E.g. Training Level test 1, Equitation Pilot (13 and under); First Level test 1, Equitation Pilot (14 to 18yrs).  It is hoped that organizers will offer championship ribbons for the Equitation Pilot.  

Please visit Equine Canada's website for more info and rules pertaining to this new pilot program. 


AEF Celebrates our 35th Anniversary
2013 marks the 35th year that AEF has been in operation
To help celebrate this marvelous achievement we will be running a contest open to all members.


We will be running articles in all four editions of Alberta Bits with valuable information about the history of the AEF. The winter 2013 edition will have a list of 35 questions pertaining to the information from the articles ran throughout the year. Answer all 35 questions correctly and you will be entered to be one of 35 people to win their individual 2014 AEF Membership (value of $50)!

So keep your eye out for our historical articles and save all the editions of 2013 Alberta Bits so you can answer the questions in the Winter magazine.


Note: No registration is necessary.  


About Us

The Alberta Equestrian Federation (AEF) is a member driven, nonprofit Provincial organization responsible for organizing, coordinating, sanctioning and administering equine sport and recreation in Alberta since 1978. 


Membership is in excess of 13,000 individual members as well as over 200 member equine Provincial organizations and industry partners. The AEF is the only Equestrian Body recognized by Alberta Sport, Recreation, Parks and Wildlife Foundation. As such, we are the only body to directly receive funding and to have a voice within the Alberta Government on behalf of all equestrians in Alberta.


The Voice of Equine Alberta.  The premier source for education, information and support for Alberta's entire equine community.


To assist in creating a positive environment for the enjoyment of equines through leadership and a proactive approach we promote, facilitate, and coordinate equestrian related activities in Alberta.