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February 2013

Studies show physical therapy most effective treatment for knee arthritis and tennis elbow


Knee OA   

Do you suffer from knee osteoarthritis (OA) but you're not yet ready for knee replacement surgery? Out of all knee disorders there has been extensive research on the effectiveness of physical therapy intervention on knee OA. A recent study looked at three treatments for people suffering from OA: 1. strengthening training along  2. exercise therapy alone  3. exercise therapy combined with "passive manual mobilizations." The study found that the treatment that showed pain improvement was number 3, where manual mobilization physical therapy techniques were added to exercise therapy.  


  tennis elbow
Is physical therapy effective for tennis elbow? Physicians have been using cortisone injections for many years to treat tennis elbow or lateral epicondylitis but there is little proof of their effectiveness.  A recent study published in this week's Journal of the American Medical Association confirms these findings. 

According to the study, "After a year, those who had the cortisone shots had the least successful outcomes and highest rates of recurrence. And the addition of physical therapy made little difference to the shots. However, physical therapy alone seems to provide the best outcome, with just under a 5% recurrence rate after a year."



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db Orthopedic Physical Therapy announces our second location in Manalapan opening in Spring 2013!


  • The sign has been installed!
  • A Clinical Director has been hired and will be announced in the coming weeks. 
  • The architect has finished the plans and have been submitted to the building dept. for permits.
  • Construction should begin by mid February 2013. The office will be located at 120 Craig Rd., Manalapan, NJ.  
  • GRAVITY Fitness and ConcussionRXcare services will be available. 

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Case Study: Why Concussion Baseline Testing Works

From a parent of a concussed athlete treated at db Orthopedic PT

"Our daughter began seeing Dr. Bertone five months after suffering what has turned out to be a "complicated" concussion. There are no simple concussions, and concussion management is crucial to a positive recovery. Dave is professional, proactive and a problem solver. Our daughter began seeing progressspecifically with vestibular therapy, in a safe environment andfor the first time in months we were able to point to measurable results. Concussions that do not resolve quickly are devastating and effect all areas of someone's life.


If your child is an athlete get a baseline test. If your child suffers a concussion seek out a professional who specializes in concussion management. Our daughter is a three sport athlete; recovering from this injury is the toughest training she has ever had to do. With the help of vestibular, and balance therapy she is fighting for recovery. We are so grateful we found Dr. Bertone, and are hopeful our daughter will have a full recovery with db orthopedic PT as part of of our team."


A.L., Shrewsbury, NJ 


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