November 3, 2015
Morning Traffic Procedure   
A primary concern at Dunwoody Elementary is the safety and well-being of all students. With this in mind, we have particularly focused our attention on morning bus arrival and carpool. We have worked with DeKalb County Schools Transportation Department and the Dunwoody Police Department to make changes to our existing procedure so that student safety is maximized. On Friday, November 6, we will begin to enforce the new plan with the assistance of Dunwoody Police.
You will receive repeated notifications of our new process through email, newsletters, and TIP for the next two weeks. Please pay close attention to all procedures.
Changes to our morning procedure include the following:
  1. Only buses and employees my use the smaller lot entrance until 7:15am each morning.
  2. Vehicle traffic may not ever pass a loading or unloading bus no matter the location on the school campus.
  3. Students may only be unloaded from vehicles in the drop-off zone on each side of the awning (along the curb where there is staff or patrol assistance).
  4. Vehicles must move as far down the drop-off zone as possible before unloading.
  5. Parents walking students into the building must be parked in a designated parking spot unless otherwise directed by a staff member.
  6. Vehicles must stay in line and not pass other cars throughout the entire drop-off to exit process.  The traffic flow map is shown below.
  7. Drivers using the smaller lot for drop-off must be willing to turn right onto Womack - no left turn allowed.
  8. Drivers must remain in the car when using the drop-off zone.  If a child requires extra assistance to unload, the driver must park in a parking space to assist. 
  9. Drivers must refrain from using cell phones while driving on school property.
  10. Pedestrian traffic must utilize the crosswalks to cross the carpool line.