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 November 17, 2013
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Crazy Socks Day - Friday, November 21
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Wednesday, November 20 - Parent-Teacher Conferences

Friday, November 22 - Crazy Socks Day


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Monday, November 25-Friday, November 29 - NO SCHOOL - Thanksgiving Break


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From our Principal  
We hosted our first STEM Career Day Thursday, and the day was quite a hit with our students!  I am so pleased that so many parents and community  members were able to donate their time and energy to make our day a success.  The fourth and fifth grade students participated in a job fair in the gym where they interviewed people who work in a STEM industry.  One student was caught asking, "What do I need to do now so that I can do what you do?" A big thank you goes out to our Career Fair volunteers:
  • Rhadha Patturajan- IT/Biologist - American Power Conversion
  • Antoine Clark -Industrial Engineer - Lockheed Martin Aeronautics
  • Mark Sequeira - Investors Financial Service Group
  • Dr. Casey Locarnini - Doctor - Dunwoody Urgent Care (STEM Partner)
  • Debbie Gordon - Hydrologist - US Geological Survey (STEM Partner)
  • Jason Rountree - Engineer - Forest Investment Associates (STEM Partner)
  • Buck Barber - Retired Pilot - Delta Airlines
  • Keith Brasher - Retired Civil Engineer
  • Bill Turner - Geologist - MVA Scientific Consultants

We were also honored to have Chris Holcomb from 11Alive News share his career with our second grade students.  Mr. Holcomb is a local celebrity in his job as meteorologist for 11Alive.

Other careers introduced to our students include Software Engineer for Home Depot, Pediatric Nurse, Hydro Geologist, Plastic Development Engineer, Ecologist, Fire Captain, Crime Lab Operative, Internet Security Engineer, Chemist, and Financial Advisor.

We also had a research scientist from Emory who brought animal hearts for the students to view as she talked about her field of cardiology. Additionally we had hearts brought by a nurse from Northside Hospital.  Of course, the students were thrilled to see real hearts!

These are just a few of the careers that were shared with our students. We had such a wonderful response from parents and community members who were willing to give of their time to help educate our children.  On behalf of Dunwoody Elementary, thank you so much!

Jennifer P. Sanders

Dunwoody Elementary School
1923 Womack Road
Dunwoody, GA 30338
Phone:(678) 875-4002
From the PTO Co-Presidents  
As we head into the cold weather months, please remember to bundle up your little cuties before sending them off to the bus stop or through carpool in the morning.  In addition, please make sure to label all of your child's outerwear with their name so that, in the event that any item is left on the playground or is misplaced somewhere on school grounds, we can promptly return the item to your child's homeroom teacher. 
Lost and Found - Donations twice per month for unclaimed items!
Please make sure that your child remembers to check lost and found for any items that they may misplace during the day. We will be donating lost and found items more frequently starting in December.  All unclaimed lost and found items will now be donated on the 1st and 15th of every month. Making sure that your child's clothing is labeled will help us expedite returns!
Thank you to all of our parent volunteers who came out to participate in our first STEM Career day!  The children enjoyed a day of wonder listening to all the exciting presenters.  A great big thank you to Ms. Jennifer Sanders, our fearless principal, and Maria Jacobs and Mark Sequeira, our STEM Co-Chairs, for helping coordinate this fun-filled, educational day.  Also, thank you to all of our Room Parents and our Room Parent Coordinators for creating a school list of parents with STEM related careers.  
Did you know that it's illegal to use profanity on school grounds? It's easy to get frustrated in the morning, but please remember that parent volunteers and 5th grade patrols help open car doors during morning carpool, so please be respectful! We do not want our children to learn inappropriate vocabulary!
Thanks, and have a great week!
Amy LeVasseur & Amanda Rountree
PTO Co-Presidents  

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Crazy Socks Day
This coming Friday, November 21 is Crazy Socks Day.  Matched, unmatched, just plain crazy. Wear them proudly!

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 Merchant Rewards Update
We have collected $1,240 through our terrific merchant rebates through Target's Red card, Publix and True Blue. Thank you for continuing to contribute to DES by using your Publix and Target cards. We are now partnering with Kroger, so please make sure to use your Kroger Rewards card when you do your grocery shopping and DES will reap the rewards!

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