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 August 6, 2013
Tomorrow is Registration/Open House Day!   

Join us tomorrow from 8:30am - 3:00pm to register your children, meet your child's teacher, and drop off school supplies.

IMPORTANT: To avoid waiting in line, please bring your checkbooks and plan to pay for the following:
  • Annual dues have been changed this year to $35 per student (which includes your child's Field Day T-shirt, teacher stipend, and staff gifts).  

    **Your child will only receive a Field Day t-shirt through your annual dues, so make sure you are prepared!**
  • You will also have an opportunity to purchase:
    - New Spirit Wear
    - Directory (to be delivered later)
    - Participate in the Tiger Fund (our annual fundraiser)
    - Bag Tags for Pre-K through 2nd grades ($2)
    - Recorders for 3rd graders - $11 for two
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