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 April 19, 2013
Charter Cluster Letter of Intent

Members of the Dunwoody Elementary School community:

Dunwoody Parents Concerned about Quality Educationis a 501 (c)3 non-profit group that is exploring options for improving public education in Dunwoody. One option is to form a charter cluster for all the schools within the Dunwoody cluster. This would include our 6 elementary schools (Austin, Chesnut, Dunwoody Elementary, Hightower, Kingsley and Vanderlyn), Peachtree Middle School and Dunwoody High School. This group has visited all the Dunwoody schools and has asked each school council to consider endorsing a letter of intent to explore the possibility of forming a charter cluster. The letter of intent needs to be filed with the state and the DeKalb County Board of Education by 5/1/13. This letter is non-binding. It does not mean we are obligated to form a charter cluster but rather allows for further exploration of the idea. If you want to read the letter of intent or get more information about this group, please visit their website at:

The DES school council wants to hear your feedback about the possibility of pursing a charter cluster for Dunwoody schools. Please click on the link below to take a 5 minute survey and let us know your thoughts by Tuesday, April 23rd. If you have any questions please contact one of your school council representatives whose names may be found on the DES school website under School Council.


Thank you,

The DES School Council