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 October 25, 2012

The thermometer is rising and donations are coming in! But we need your  help to reach our goal. You have ONE MORE WEEK to make your donation count for the Classroom Challenge, please give TODAY! The Tiger Fund helps bring so many great programs to DES, including Cultural Arts  Assemblies, Teacher Gifts, Staff Appreciation, Field Day, Fall Day, Family Dinners and so much more!

The current classroom tallies are below.The 3 classes with the highest participation will win a Cookie Cake party and "Tiger Bucks" for the school store. Each member of the class with the overall highest particiaption will receive a My FroYo gift card!

Please donate today so we can make this year at DES a success! You can drop a check made out to "DES PTO" marked "Tiger Fund" in the mailbox in the school lobby or give online at:, or visit the
PTO Website, Fundraising Page.
Thank you to all who have donated so far!

First Grade
Second Grade
Glenn 42%
Johnston 42%
Brown 0%





Price 71%
Morris 50%
Drennan 44%
Brasher 33%
Uhl 24%
Young 36%
Shelton 33%


St. John 56%
Nettles 44%
Goodwin 42%
Blair 39%
Dye 30%
Dyer 30%
Harrison 23%


Warshaw 43%
Holbrook 42%
Bass 42%
Davis 39%
Mach 38%
Slaton 38%
Birrell 35%


Third Grade
Fourth Grade
Fifth Grade
Mendel 45%
Thomas 43%
Hollis 42%
Goss 39%
Kasser 33%
Bridgeman 29%
Beck 26%


Nugent 48%
Unger 48%
Nelson 47%
Thornton 35%





Smith 48%
Taylor 44%
Hinton 33%
Soucy 26%
Prater/ Anderson 20%