MaxSpace has successfully removed over 
1,000,000 feet of innerduct from around active
fiber optic cable - all without digging! 

MaxSpace, the no-dig technology and construction method that safely removes existing innerduct from around active fiber optic cables has surpassed a million feet of innerduct removed. 

Why have so many operators embraced this new service? 
  • MaxSpace removes innerduct with virtually no load on the active cables
  • No interruption of service for end-users
  • No digging, No permits, No EPA or Right of Way issues 
  • A fast, safe approach to adding capacity 
  • Recovers up to 90% of your occupied conduit space 
MaxCell can be placed as rigid innerduct is extracted, creating up to nine new cable pathways. You can install new cables when needed. 
To find out more about how MaxSpace can increase your network capacity while reducing construction costs, visit our website or contact your local MaxCell representative to schedule an appointment.
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