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Trust SignalTight Compression Connectors for Constant Continuity

Why use PPC Connectors? Because the unique patented design of the EX Series body provides a universal compression fit on all Series 6 drop cable types (standard, tri and quad).

The patented SignalTight connector is built on the industry proven EX Universal Compression 
Connector platform. SignalTight prevents service issues caused by loose non-continuity connectors such as 
pixilation, tiling, reduced data speeds and poor VoIP quality. 

Benefits of the EX Compression Connectors with SignalTight include: 
  • Maintains ground contact even when less than finger tight
  • Patented continuity member creates a permanent electrical bond
  • Prevents service issues from loose connectors
  • Largest dynamic range making it truly universal

For more information on the EX Connectors, contact your local TVC sales representative or call our customer service center at 888.644.6075 for more information!


In Stock EX Connectors Include: 
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